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    Founded in 2006, Surrounded is an annual literary journal edited and produced by high school students. We are devoted to publishing the best and bravest creative work by teenagers nationwide.

Editorial Staff:

Samantha G. (‘10) spends the majority of her free time watching reruns of House, attempting to write a life-changing piece of literature, and forging her mother’s signature on permission slips. When she grows up, she’d like to live in a big house with a Puggle. She has no favorite book because by the time you read this, it will be different. Her literary tastes are those of a precocious fourth-grader: she fully agrees that sometimes one mustread about a good dragon or flying spaceship, but she also appreciates literature that remains on earth—especially if it’s set in New York.

Julian G. (‘10) is scared of clowns and snowmen. His favorite words are prism, soil, and moist. His favorite ice cream is Rocky Road, he loves Scrubs, and he plays soccer with a lot of heart. He grew up in England and claims that he was Babe Ruth in a former life. His favorite poet is Langston Hughes, and he will be the first to tell you that the average speed of an African male ostrich is 27.6 miles per hour.

Jillian W. (‘10) is a dancer in most aspects of her life, and art, including literature, is the primary source of her inspiration. She has entirely stopped watching TV on an actual TV, but instead watches her favorite shows, mostly Gossip Girl, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy, on her Macbook. She is known to some as the Re-Run Queen because, even after memorizing all the lines to a show, she continues to watch the same episodes over and over again. Some might consider her a slave to media, but, in fact, she’s rather withdrawn from commercialism for a sixteen-year-old in the 21st century.

Chelsea P. (‘11) loves music. Her tastes range from Beach House to Yves Montand. Her current passions are her restored record player and her grandma’s birthday gift to her, a jade-green 1992 Lexus. She loves going to shows at various venues around Los Angeles. She is an avid reader who loves to travel. She hopes to study abroad for a semester in Spain next year with Izzy B., and her favorite foods are Jenny Craig S’mores Bars and saltwater taffy.

Natalie A. (‘11) has one sibling, a twin. She enjoys music, movies, art, and literature. Her favorite book is The Stranger by Albert Camus. To her close friends, she is known as the Wild Card. Her favorite colors are purple and green, and her favorite show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Izzy B. (‘11) is a technology aficionado with a flair for gossip blogs. She loves nothing more than Christmas tinsel and born-again Britney Spears, but her favorite thing to do is to travel as much as she can. She loves chocolate, cheese, and Smarties. Her most pivotal literary moment happened when she read Night, by Elie Weisel, over the summer. She hopes to attend a college far from Los Angeles.

Mackenzie F. ('11) has an irrational fear of yodeling and twitches a little whenever she hears it. Her interests range from magic tricks to film. To some of her friends, she’s known as "The Brains." As a child, she loved coloring books but found she always had trouble staying inside the lines; today, she tries to apply that philosophy in all areas of life. 

5 Good Books To Read

1. My Uncle Oswald by R. Dahl

Even the most famous men had genitalia and probably engaged in coitus once on a while (or perhaps more often). Roald Dahl builds a whole story around this subject by introducing the predecessor of a sperm bank.

A man called Oswald Hendryks Cornelius is a typical skirt-chaser, a rather successful one. He has obtained considerable wealth via dubious schemes and has many weird hobbies, such as scorpions or Chinese porcelain.

Oswald partners with Yasmin Howcomely, a women whose greatest asset is her irresistible beauty. They come up with the strongest aphrodisiac in the world, place it in chocolate candy, collect sperm of important men (Picasso, Freud, Shaw, even Einstein) and then sell it to desirous women.

A Canvas Print From

Have you ever thought of making a brilliant art style looking object from your photos that you can hang in your home? Getting a canvas print from your most favourite picture is an absolute amazing way to show to the world that you're proud of that particular image and that you want to celebrate it by having it transformed into a beautiful looking canvas photo print.

If you do get your photo turned in to a very beautiful canvas photo print you will be able to showcase it in your favorite spot in your home or indeed if you wanted to give a canvas photo to a friend so they can hang it up in their favorite spot in their home then that would be a great way to show off the canvas print to.

A New Perspective For Your Journal

Do you dislike the preponderance of "I" statements in your journal writing? You know, your tendency to use journaling as a good old reliable data dump: "I hate my life. I can't stand my bosses, I feel fat and bloated, I, I, I¦!"

When you journal regularly, now and then you might slip into this kind of relentless focus on yourself. To a certain extent, it's very useful. You need a private getaway and your health definitely benefits from unloading your griefs on a daily basis.

But at some point, you may become dissatisfied with this approach. All of a sudden you may take an intense disliking to the first person singular. You want to write from a different perspective, somehow. You want to discover something new. It's not all about you, for Pete's sake.

Art Work In Communities

Arts transpire to be considered relatively remote components, vaguely mystical, hardly any solid predicament of ours; consequently we happen to be considerably much less favorable regarding our functionality within the arts. Folks in all destinations quite possibly at most intervals naturally seek to handle the exact elements with their environment in varieties of shades, types, colors, and ideas which are imaginatively gratifying, and that's that behavioral instinct that commonly underlies the roll-out associated with ways along with versions in which the creative imagination inside the artist locks upon expression.

Precisely what is really a Wall Art - MURAL ARTS?

Arts Impact On Society

Art is an extremely private experience, yet, it is meant to be shared with the public. Society, as a whole, examines the art produced and has the right to approve, disapprove, acknowledge, ignore, praise and abuse it. The public or society has not remained constant over the years. In the time of the Renaissance, for example, only a select few were "society." They commissioned art, were patrons of the arts and their artists. Today, almost anyone can share in the experience of art. They can attempt to create, view and act as a critic.

Does art make the world a better place, or is it quite useless? This is a very ancient riddle, and no one has solved it yet. A similar question - has art truly had any impact upon society? Has it fashioned or molded minds? Has it shaped opinions and altered how people feel or think? Is it practicable in or relevant to society and its individuals' daily lives?

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Landscape, in its etymological meaning is the set up of features, characters, forms a territory, a region, a land.The current concept of landscape is, in short, quite recent. Before being the object of artistic or architectural representations, landscape meant a land, a region that is a part of the national territory with a clearly defined identity, just like your home and your backyard, a place to live or work for a family or local people belonging to that region.

Today, we hear expressions like political landscape, landscape, media, etc.. The landscape can therefore designate a group context: the vision of things for a long time. The notion of landscape is in constant evolution.

Benefits Of A Good Training

Most of us have trained at one part in our lives. Chances are if you've ever taken your training seriously you've used a training journal or a training log.

The main difference between training journals and training logs, is what you document in them after each workout or day, etc. Training journals are just that. They are more of a journal rather than a log. They will normally include things like mental health and how you felt during the day or your workout. They can reach a bit into some statistical information but this is normally saved for a training log.

Training logs are generally created of off some kind of a template. For example. Everyday you fill out a form that has the same fields. Things like current weight, daily workout, diet information, are all things that can be put in a training Log on a day to day basis.

Buying British Dresses For Weddings

After the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, most of us are still feeling a glow from all that is to be Proud to be British, a great position for us to really focus on the multitude of valuable goods Britain is producing which we should be spending our money on, rather than spending on imported products.

For those of us in Britain not succumbed by debt, now would be the time to focus your weekly, or even luxury spend to your home market.

The vast majority of clothing on the high street is made in the South East, why not shop for the special event dress by looking for a brand that not only designs but manufacturers here in the UK thereby helping support talented local artisans and designers.

Childrens Literature

Children's literature is defined as literature directed toward the child reader, plus the set of literary texts that society has deemed suitable for children, but they were written originally thinking of adult readers (eg Gulliver's Travels, The Island Treasure or Platero and I).

In another sense of the term, less common, also includes literary pieces written by children themselves. On the other hand, sometimes it is considered that the concept includes juvenile literature, written for or by teens, but what is more correct to call the whole children's literature or abbreviated LIJ.

The modern literary criticism considered essential nature of "literature" in this kind of writing, so that today it is excluded from the current production of essentially moral or educational texts, while still giving priority to these concepts throughout the LIJ given the context education which develops their reading. This is a very new concept and almost unprecedented in the history of literature.

Convert Your Inner Critic To Coach

We all have Inner Critics. Some of us have several of them. Journal therapy practice helps us to plow through the Critic's debilitating tactics, and transform them into useful coaching. The recipe calls for plenty of pen, paper, and journaling, tunneling through the morass of inner doubt, guilt, and fear until we can begin to see the light of day with greater consistency.

The process involves intentional role playing, as you conduct conversations in your journal with your Critic. While picturing the Critic as specifically as you can, write down the dialog that goes on in your head (or your heart).

Critic: You are so stupid.

14 Spiritual Laws to Know

If you think the Law of Attraction is all you need to know about spiritual law, think again...

Using spiritual power to change your life and the lives of others depends on knowing Spirit (or being aligned with God/universal intelligence) and applying spiritual laws wisely. Much attention has been paid of late to the Law of Attraction due to huge amounts of publicity around "The Secret", which started as a book, expanded to a DVD, and then became a movie. But there are other spiritual or universal laws that can be studied and applied. The two sets of seven laws that I will describe briefly in this article are probably the best known.

Seven universal laws are attributed to Hermes Trismegistos of ancient Greece. These seven Hermetic laws are quite well known and are generally accepted by many as containing great truths. Other people believe that this is all a bunch of new age hooey; but from my own experience, I believe the truth is indeed there. The best treatment I've seen of the Hermetic laws is by Alan Seale in his book, Soul Mission, Life Vision.

A to Z of Indian Politics

While in school we are taught a for apple, b for ball and such stuff, the school of politics of India has entirely different teaching. Here is how it looks like:

A for Aam Aadmi: India is very diverse country with all major religions, various languages, caste living in one country. But chiefly there are only two set of people. Aam and Khaas. aam includes 99% of people of India while khaas includes top business and corporate heads, IAS, IPS and political brass. Of course with their families. So since aam aadmi is majority, Indian politics runs of claims of doing wonders for aam aadmi and ending up doing wonders for khaas!

B for Babri Mashjid:

Business Policies

In the administration of business, one of the most important tasks is to formulate policy; the work of planning and the determination of company objectives become effective when expressed in policy form.

A policy is a guide to the action or decisions of people. Policies are directives, issued from a higher authority, and provide a continuous framework for the conduct of individuals in a business - they are in effect a type of planning. Policies are expressions of a company's official attitude towards types of behavior within which it will permit, or desire, employees to act. They express the means by which the company's agreed objectives are to be achieved and usually take the form of statements, telling members how they should act in specific circumstances. Policies reflect management thinking on basic matters and inform those interested in the activities of the company about the company's intentions regarding them.

Comparison of the Traditional English

Introduction: This paper endeavours to compare the traditional English law and the European Community (EC) law on jurisdictional values, in that, it seeks to understand and elucidate why the former set of jurisdictional rules value flexibility and justice while the latter values certainty and predictability vis-Ó«-vis the other. It shall analyse their historical or political background, their objectives and bases for assuming jurisdiction. It shall highlight the areas of differences between these jurisdictional regimes with the assistance of authorities like significant Court cases and books that have besides explaining or simplifying the law have also helped its evolution.

Corporate Governance Investing in the Emerging

In the securities market of the Czech Republic corporate governance plays a crucial role in instilling investor confidence and ensuring an efficient market. Post the fall of Communism, the economy was transitioned from state owned to capitalist in a very short time. Since then, the Czech Republic has come a long way to quickly reach standards of other capitalist markets and successfully obtain accession into the European Union. As the market continues its progression, the need for transparency of information and alignment between board members and managers in firms greatens.

From the Czech Republic's voucher privatization program in 1992 to the late 1990's, corporate governance was viewed negatively and/or non-existent for publicly traded Czech companies. A path began with a lack of regulation, continued with a lack of enforcement, and finally turned directions beginning in 1998 with the Securities Commission Act. Even now, as Czech companies attempt to become more competitive on a global scale in the market, the realization amongst firms of the need for structured corporate governance and more transparency in their reporting of information takes hold as a continued effort necessary to report and align enterprise goals with those of other stakeholders.

Daily Politics Blog How to Find

So you are interested in the world of politics but do not know where to find a good daily politics blog. In this article I will provide you with the best method for finding the blogs you want to read. I will not tell you what to read, I will tell you how to find a political blog you want to read -one that suits your specific tastes.

If you know essentially nothing about the world of political blogging you should understand a few things right off the bat.

Firstly, a daily politics blog can come in one of two forms. The first type is the kind most people probably think a political blog looks like. It is the "personal blog". It is made by one individual. The second type is the corporate type. It is like a company as it has several writers or "contributors" who make up the daily blog into what is very similar to an online newspaper.

Decalogue Covenant Does God Want People

The short answer is no: God intends for everyone in the world to submit to Christ under the New Covenant, which does not include the Law of Moses, though it shares with Moses fundamental moral values because both are based on the unchanging character of God Himself (compare Leviticus 19:1-2 with Matthew 5:48 and Luke 6:36). To go deeper than the surface, we have to look at what Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul, and the author of Hebrews say about the old and new covenants.

Prophecy of the New Covenant

About 600 years before Christ, the prophet Jeremiah predicted the new covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34). He said the new covenant would be different than the old (specified as the one God made with the houses of Israel and Judah when he brought them out of Egypt--definitely referring to the Mosaic Covenant). This time, the laws would be written on the people's hearts, all of them will know the LORD, and He will completely forgive them. The New Testament book of Hebrews says this is the covenant Christ introduced (Hebrews 8:7-13 and 10:15-18, on which more is said below).

E Governance


World economies have recognized Information Technology as an effective tool in catalyzing the economic activity in efficient governance and in developing human resource. They have made significant investments in it and successfully integrated it with the development process, thereby reaping the benefits to their society. In India also, these developments have impacted the industrial, education, service and Government sectors and their influence on various applications is increasingly being felt of


As the era of digital economy is evolving, the concept of governance has assumed significant importance. The e-Governance has consequently become an accepted methodology involving the use of Information Technology in improving transparency, providing information speedily to all citizens, improving administration efficiency and improving public services such as transportation, power, health, water, security and municipal services.

Effective Policy Writing

Whether you are running a large corporate business, a government agency, a home based start up business, a non-profit organization or anything in-between, the formation of policies are extremely important. As a matter of fact they are crucial to the success and survival of the entity.

Policies are different from rules or laws; they are intended as a guide to ensure desired outcomes. These outcomes can be specific, such as the process for hiring, handling complaints or purchases for manufacturing processes. They can also be general in nature, such as behavior policies that match an organization's mission statement. There are instances when a policy may become clear only in retrospect (Australian Policy Handbook, p. 6), yet they still serve the purpose of driving an organization forward, ever learning, ever striving to become better.

Five Tips For the Best

So your daughter wants to be the queen of hearts this year for Halloween? There are several important factors to prepare for this endeavor, so please read and listen carefully because in order for your child to be the Queen of Hearts, all steps must be followed.

1. The first thing to recommend is to watch all the Alice in Wonderland movies! There is the cartoon version, there is the 1985 version of the movie which will be very entertaining for all ages, and then of course the New Alice In Wonderland Movie that was made in 2010, which is also a great movie. All three movies portray a different Queen of Hearts, so it is important for your daughter to decide which character she would like to be. Perhaps she will like one more than the other. I think the cartoon Queen is a bit meaner than all the rest, and the 2010 Queen, while mean in her own way, she was very comical at times. She was also the most awkward looking queen of them all. Any queen she chooses to become will be fascinating in their own right.

1 Carat Diamond Earrings

Every woman craves the largest diamond, and when it comes to earrings a pair of 1 carat diamond studs has turn out to be the regular for luxury. This article contains 7 useful ideas on how to purchase the most stunning, brilliant 1 carat diamond earrings for the lowest cost.

Tip #1: What should a pair of 1 carat diamond studs cost? If you make an intelligent buy, you should have the ability to get a pair of beautiful 1 carat earrings for about $4,100. Obviously, you are able to pay much less. A Poor Cut, K Color, I-3 Clarity pair of studs may be had for about $1600. These earrings will have a milky grey-yellow appearance with fractures and some obvious dark crystals. You are able to also pay more, for instance a pair of Perfect Cut, D Color, VVS Clarity earrings will set you back about $48,000. These will probably be a dazzling pair of earrings that may only be really appreciated under a 30-power microscope.

10 Things You Need

1. Why an Automatic Watches Stops?

Get known what's really an automatic watches? In general, automatic watches are driven by the spring structure integrated in watch movement, when it gets moved, the spring will be winded up via the swing of autogiro attached with it from any directions. That's clear that only when you wear watches, and your wrist moves, the watch will get power from the swing of autogiro. Usually it requires about eight hours to get full powers for the automatic, but it also depends on. So it's better to wear your watch every day including holidays, in case that it stops due to losing power. Many people always staying in office say their watches often stop, besides the low quality of movement, it may also result from lack of body movement, then watches dont get enough power. Just winding it up manually if that's reason for the stop.

8 Things To Consider While

There can be no doubt on the fact that jewelry enhances a woman's beauty. From women rings to anklet and women necklaces to necklace pendant there is no substitute jewelry. Women bracelets are one of the most popular jewelry items. To get the best bracelets you will need to be choosy. Here are eight important things that you need to consider while buying women bracelets:

1. It should match Ó You need to make sure that the bracelet that you choose match with your age, professional standing etc. Although many bracelets might look good over the counter or in a jewelry website, they may not match your personality and lifestyle. Don't just go for something that looks good on others if you aren't too confident about it.

A Unique Moment A Unique

If you have the chance to browse through the collections, you will see that each piece of designer's jewelry is unique in its own way, using only the finest diamonds and brilliants and a special crescent design you will not find anywhere else. Tacori Rings truly deserve a place on your list when choosing among the finest engagement rings.

Within the engagement rings collections you are going to find several sub-collections that you can choose from:

Simply Tacori Engagement- this a more classical collection comprising of rings handcrafted in wonderful designs, worked in Platinum, white, yellow or rose 18k gold and featuring round cut high clarity diamonds.

Affordable Fashion Jewelry

Affordable fashion jewelry is all the rage in current times. Gone are the days when women considered true gems and precious metals as jewelry and wore them on occasions; nowadays, with the advent of faux jewelry available in a variety of combination of precious and semi precious metals and stones, women have innumerable options for accessorizing their costumes.

The big and entertainment capitals of the world will have lots to offer to women who are shopping for jewelry. Along with fashionable brands, exquisite jewel merchants, for those who like to go for modern, affordable jewelry for casual days and evenings, has a number of options for them.

All Ladies Love Fashion Jewelry

Every man wonders what gift to buy the special woman in their life and every man should immediately turn to fashion jewelry. Many men believe that women only appreciate jewelry for very special occasions such as a marriage proposals or anniversaries, but fashion jewelry is a great idea for any gift for that special lady in their life. Women love fashion jewelry for many reasons but fundamentally it comes down to having a constant reminder that someone loves them and thinks about them when they are not around.

Fashion jewelry is universally loved by women because it is a way for them to express themselves creatively. Any dress can be made even more special by adding the personal touch of a necklace or brooch. This allows a woman to wear a dress that might be worn by others at the same event but still feel that they stood out in some very meaningful way. When that fashion jewelry was given to them by a loved one, it is made even more special and makes for a great conversation starter when meeting new people.

Are Clip On Earrings Adjustable

Are clip on earrings adjustable? Well, that depends somewhat on what make you are wearing. Clip on earrings have been around for a long time and, of course, the reason that they get made in the first place is so that people (mostly women) who want to wear earrings but who don't want to get their ears pierced can have an option for their desired jewellery. Clip ons can also be worn by people who do have their ears pierced but who want to wear particular styles of earrings, such as the dangling designs, that might elongate their pierced holes or risk tearing their ear lobes.

However, clip on earrings occasionally cause problems of their own. Clip ons have been notorious for pulling and pinching earlobes. Obviously this can cause sore ears and possibly lead to infections. However, these problems can be eradicated through adjusting the clips and most people find that their earrings feel very comfortable in the end. These days, some earring designers have taken measures to ensure that their clip ons are much more easily adjusted, so that if they are too tight the situation can be remedied. Some people don't even experience these problems in the first place after thinking that they will, so it's always worth trying them out first before you make a decision on how they feel.

Are Clip on Earrings Cheaper

A recent study showed that around 80% of women have their ears pierced. The survey also showed that the majority of these women were wearing earrings almost daily. Thus, there is no doubt that earrings are perhaps the most admired decorative accessory. Because earrings are such an important accessory, many women will have several pairs. These may include hoop, pendants or stud earrings. Women usually separate their earrings into two groups: the everyday group and those for extraordinary occasions.

Earrings are pieces of jewellery that are fixed to the ear by piercing the earlobe or by simply attaching them with a clip, which is fixed into the lobe. Men and women are wearing earrings alike, although it is a more popular trend among women. Both clip on earrings and the piercing earrings are very common for women. Beside their many advantages, clip on earrings are not significantly cheaper. Of course, that depends on the material and the design of the earring.

Aristocrat Crystal Jewelry

Women like Crystal jewelry to wear them in the party and other occasion. Women feel more energetic while wearing them in the party. They are beautiful and they have a lot of passion and craze. Women are eager to buy jewelry. They want to make the environment more energetic and they want to make themselves more stylish. They are highly preferred by the women who want to make themselves beautiful. They are available in different precious stones and they are studded on the precious materials. Sometimes diamonds, emerald, sapphire pearls, ruby are there to make the jewelry beautiful and gorgeous.

There are precious materials such as gold, silver, bronze, platinum etc. They are used to make the jewelry beautiful. The jewelry is attractive to all. Women want to wear the jewelry to make them beautiful at their occasion. The jewelry is attractive enough to make the women charm. They can make the surroundings charming. They have always a positive power. There are different designs on the crystal jewelry. They are available in flower, fruits, cap, feather, shoe, leaf, crown etc. They make the atmosphere charming as they are energetic.

Being Cautious When Dealing With Wholesale

Women's fashion is never complete without matching jewelry. Whether they are real diamonds, gem stones, mother of pearls or costume or fashion jewelry, any apparel will look different and interesting if matched with appropriately-designed jewelries. Fashion models and celebrities are often seen donning exquisite and attractive pieces of jewelries even as they are in their most casual get-up. A diamond-studded pair of earrings matched with a diamond ring and a necklace will superbly change the look of a woman in an elegant cocktail dress. On the other hand, elaborate evening gowns are toned by solid gold or silver pieces of jewelry, simple but elegant enough to draw the attention from the gown to the jewelries.