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10 Things You Need Know About Luxury Watches

1. Why an Automatic Watches Stops?

Get known what's really an automatic watches? In general, automatic watches are driven by the spring structure integrated in watch movement, when it gets moved, the spring will be winded up via the swing of autogiro attached with it from any directions. That's clear that only when you wear watches, and your wrist moves, the watch will get power from the swing of autogiro. Usually it requires about eight hours to get full powers for the automatic, but it also depends on. So it's better to wear your watch every day including holidays, in case that it stops due to losing power. Many people always staying in office say their watches often stop, besides the low quality of movement, it may also result from lack of body movement, then watches dont get enough power. Just winding it up manually if that's reason for the stop.

2. Should I Wind it Up Manually Everyday?

Automatic watches are similar to hand winding watches, besides, but they have an auto component consisting of autogiro and auto gears. All the watches keep in stopping before sales, after your receives, wind it up manually ahead. Generally speaking, your watches could get enough power as long you wears several hours every day. Do not recommend you to wind them up often manually, since the crown drives many more gears, this will accelerate the aging of automatic components, your maintenance fees goes up as well.

3. Many High Grade Watches Are Engraved as Water Resistant, But Why They Still Get Watered?

Normally, water resistant is NOT equal to water proof. If you have a bath with your watch, the rubber ring which is used to protect your watch from water will accelerate the aging resulting from corrosion caused by some chemicals like cleanser, water resistant will disappear, too. Large temperature difference like sauna and air conditioner room, and long rainy season, all can result in watering. Anyway, your rubber ring may get aginged with days going, better have it maintained to avoid watch components rusting and reducing the life your luxury watches.

4. Will High Grade Watches Still be Water Resistant if the Back Cases Have Been Unpacked?

We all know that watches are water resistant relying on the rubber water resistant ring integrated in the joint between crystal, back, crown and the case. But taking hot water bath or sauna with watches will expedite the rubber ring aging and distort, besides high temperature and acid sweat, chlorine in swimming pool and perfume may affect the hardening of waterproof rubber ring. A good suggestion to you is sending your watch to authorized repair station to test its waterproof properties every one or two years. Usually, this should be done after completing quartz watches battery replacement or mechanical watches' cleaning and filling. Once found it's not water resistant any more, professional will help you detect which part is not water resistant after all, and replace some components. Therefore, it can be said that every unpacked watches may get nice water-resistant function.

5. Why a Quartz Watch Requires Battery Replacement in time?

Depending on the movement quality and your usage, the battery of quartz watch can last 1 to 2 years, high grade quartz watches will remind you it's time to replace the battery via seconds hand stepping one time per four seconds, losing this point may cause battery leakage and damage the internal parts of watches. Many guys who own several watches items often pull the crown out when they dont wear that watch, it shows it stops apparently, but actually the batteries are continuing discharging, if not replaced in time, it may cause excessive battery discharge and battery leakage, in the end, erode your movement, you may have to pay far more than the maintenance costs of the cost of replacement batteries.

6. Will Sapphire Crystal get scratched?

All sapphire crystals are actually not made from natural sapphire, but from fine alumina powder, which forms pieces of sapphire crystal at a certain temperature in the furnace, numerous procedures later, pure sapphire crystal mirror is done! These sapphire crystal features antifraying and anticorrosion. The hardness of sapphire crystal mirror is second only to diamond, equivalent to seven times that of steel, but these dont mean they can't be scratched, it should be "not easy", but not "never". Take note of diamonds, millstone, sandpaper, granite surface, concrete walls, etc.

7. Why a Quartz Watches also Stops?

See whether the crown is pulled out ahead, then check whether the second indicator touches the crystal (you'll see a scratch cycle under the crystal), are all three indicators

stepping together? When one indicator overlaps another, will it step again? Still don't get the answer? Send it to professional, and see whether it's out of power.

8. Why Two Hands Quartz Watches Can Often Be Found a Minute Slower?

That's because the motor of two hands quartz watch steps one time per 12 seconds, maybe it hasn't started up when you're adjusting, then you may get the result that your minute hand will be a minute slower than normal, don't worry, you can completely figure it out via simply adjusting the minute hand a minute faster.

9. Will Stainless Steel Watch Rust or Fade?

Stainless steel varies very much, most consists of nickel and chrome which may be corroded by strong acid or alkali. They may come from your sweat or anything else, due to your ignorance, these strong acid or alkali get accumulated, you'll find rusty spot under watch bracelet, even around your wrist. This is mainly caused by the contaction of chrome which is included in stainless steel with chemical from human body, such as sweat, vinegar, white-out, and others. The common method you can take is scouring the face with a soft toothbrush along with cleaner, then dry it with soft cloth. Or you can choose to wash them by ultrasonic cleaning after sending it to authorized brand repair station.