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5 Good Books To Read – Humorous Literature

1. My Uncle Oswald by R. Dahl

Even the most famous men had genitalia and probably engaged in coitus once on a while (or perhaps more often). Roald Dahl builds a whole story around this subject by introducing the predecessor of a sperm bank.

A man called Oswald Hendryks Cornelius is a typical skirt-chaser, a rather successful one. He has obtained considerable wealth via dubious schemes and has many weird hobbies, such as scorpions or Chinese porcelain.

Oswald partners with Yasmin Howcomely, a women whose greatest asset is her irresistible beauty. They come up with the strongest aphrodisiac in the world, place it in chocolate candy, collect sperm of important men (Picasso, Freud, Shaw, even Einstein) and then sell it to desirous women.

Sounds like erotic literature? No need to worry, it indeed sticks mostly to the humorous part and while it's hardly recommendable for children, it has nothing to do with pornography.

2. Servant of Two Masters by C. Goldoni

I'd feel ashamed, if I forgot to mention this aged classic. The scene is set to Venice in the middle of 18th century. Apart from women pretending to be men or entwind character relations like in a telenovela, this masterpiece is focused on a man named Truffaldino.

He is far from being the best servant of all times; his largest drawback is a permanently hungry stomach. He takes the opportunity and becomes a servant for two masters at once, just to get "an extra dinner".

Truffaldino then tries to conceal his twisted allegiance, resulting in numerous funny situations “ such as both masters being at the same banquet, temporary stuttering or being handed stuff "for his master", although he has no idea which one.

Everything works out fine in the end, Trifaldino is even forgiven and gets to marry a woman he falls in love with. Although Servant of Two Masters is probably best to be seen in the theatre, reading it is also a good alternative.

3. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by D. Adams

Douglas Adams came up with another sci-fi and humorous literature. His Detective Agency is quite congeneric to the Hitchhiker's Guide. You will face the same absurdity, same interesting plot and very similar type of humor.

Dirk Gently runs a detective agency, specializing in missing cats and ugly divorces. He gets involved in a messy affair, something related to creation of humanity, Salaxalan ghost, time travel¦ all the usual stuff.

The plot is far from being linear and it might take some time before you catch up “ but when you do, you won't stop until the book is finished. And spend a considerable time laughing during the process¦

4. Little Nicholas by R. Goscinny

Do you remember the times when you were little? How different was your perception of the world? Goscinny evidently did, thus he wrote a series of 7 books around a little boy and his friends.

Nicholas has several friends with whom he faces the struggles of childhood:

* Alec, the fat one

* Eddie, the strong one

* Cuthbert, the groise

* Max, the fast one

* and several more

Other major characters are the teacher, occasionally some parents or the superintendent Mr. Dubon. Nicolas and his gang always mean well, but it often turns out in a different way than they originally intended.

For example, in one story the children decide to play soccer, but are offended by older pupils. They then decide to resolve their issues on the pitch and ask their fathers for help “ a crucial mistake, because the fathers eventually take over and play the match by themselves.

Little Nicolas can be read over and over again thanks to its simplicity, great flow of text and various funny stories. You can give it to your children and steal it afterwards, because these adventures are for children and adults alike.