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Apple iPad for restaurants is here, the next time you place an order at a restaurant   by Lior

in Shopping / Jewelry    (submitted 2011-07-13)

For years, companies such as eBay, Amazon and Google have used cloud computing to bring easy-to-use services to consumers by offering a fundamentally faster, less risky, and more cost-effective alternative to on-premises hardware and software. Cloud computing has now reached the hospitality industry and is now exploding all over the restaurant landscape as restaurateurs are re-discovering new, affordable and mobile ways to run and enhance operations. ISISPOS provides its customers with the worlds most sophisticated Apple ipad POS solution that is cloud based, so please visit: for more information.

Ipad Restaurant that embrace new technological tools "have a definite business advantage," Smart restaurants aren't ignoring technology, they're figuring out how to make it work for them.

Even though we are experiencing one of the most difficult economic situations in 50 years, Restaurants must continue to deliver value. Most people understand that the old traditional POS model has increased complexity and generates additional cost. IT departments of all sizes are now looking to the cloud to break the cycle. I find this to be especially true, as most people I speak to are reevaluating strategies and looking for innovative ways to create competitive advantages.

IT projects have always been judged by three financial criteria: initial capital expense, ongoing operating costs, and time to value. For those that are still on the fence about cloud computing, here are five reasons why cloud computing is the right technology strategy:

1. Delivers faster time to value

2. Requires no up-front capital expense

3. Minimizes operational costs

4. Requires fewer technical resources

5. Simplifies integration

These five drivers are key to having an optimized IT strategy that is practical and deployable. No one can afford costly errors so smaller initial investments that bring great value are very attractive in today's climate. Finding out as soon as possible what the true value of an IT investment is, is critical.

Once the application is built and deployed, the vendor manages the burden of operational maintenance. Performance tuning, patches, and upgrades are delivered as part of the service, with minimal demands on the property's IT team. As a result, your IT team can focus on delivering business value instead of keeping busy with standard maintenance and administration tasks. For example, instead of providing an upgrade every other year, at considerable expense to the customer, ISISPOS delivers three or four major upgrades every year that cost customers nothing. Every time a major innovation is released, every customer instantly benefits. for more information on our Ipad Restaurant POS solution please visit us at

In Summary:- In today's economic climate, with limited budgets and a highly dynamic market, it is critical to be able to refocus an organization and its systems quickly, with minimal resources. With cloud computing, hospitality operators can implement solutions with new innovations, improve time to market of new systems, and create competitive advantages faster than ever. If you are considering cloud-based technologies, the time is now to make your move. For more information on iPads for restaurants visit at