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Are Clip-on Earrings Cheaper

A recent study showed that around 80% of women have their ears pierced. The survey also showed that the majority of these women were wearing earrings almost daily. Thus, there is no doubt that earrings are perhaps the most admired decorative accessory. Because earrings are such an important accessory, many women will have several pairs. These may include hoop, pendants or stud earrings. Women usually separate their earrings into two groups: the everyday group and those for extraordinary occasions.

Earrings are pieces of jewellery that are fixed to the ear by piercing the earlobe or by simply attaching them with a clip, which is fixed into the lobe. Men and women are wearing earrings alike, although it is a more popular trend among women. Both clip on earrings and the piercing earrings are very common for women. Beside their many advantages, clip on earrings are not significantly cheaper. Of course, that depends on the material and the design of the earring.

Clip on earrings have been available on the market for a longer time than any non-pierced earrings. The idea of clip on earrings was around before the advent of magnetic earrings, stick on earrings, spring hoop earrings and screw on earring. In some respect, clip on earrings are almost identical with piercing ones. Both feature a variety of designs, except for the part holding on the ear. The clip itself is made out from two pieces that are attached to the backside of the earring. Both pieces are pressed around the earlobe, by mechanical pressure to keep the earring in place.

Clip on earrings come in countless shapes, styles and sizes and are made from many different materials. You can find a very attractive clip on earring for as low as £10-15. Of course, they will probably not be made out of silver or gold but they are surely a nice accessory to wear during the day. If you wish to choose a more sophisticated look and to spend a little more cash, then you should choose a clip on hoop earring made from gold. Do not forget that some people are using clip on earring cushions to protect the ear lobe. These cushions are a must for the more sensitive people that prefer to have a layer of protection for their earlobe.

Obviously, as with any other piece of decorative jewellery, there is a large collection to choose from, so you can always find the right pair of earrings for you that fits within your budget.

There are several advantages of the non-pierced earrings, which include no infections around the earlobe, no allergy reaction, no traumatic tearing and so on. Clips on earrings are a great choice for young girls and women alike. The price of the earrings is relatively low, but of course it all depends on the style and the material it is made from.

By: Vincent A Rogers