Bingaman Quitting From Congress

Senator Jeff Bingaman is anticipated to declare his retirement from Congress today. The Senator has been in public service for over 30 years. This can be the end of his fifth term in Congress. Bingaman is the sixth senator to declare that he won't be running for re-election.

Retirement of Senator Bingaman

Bingaman is a senator in New Mexico that is democratic. He has been in for five terms now. He was first elected to his Senate seat in 1982 after spending four years as Attorney General in New Mexico. This announcement comes days after first re-election polls showed Bingaman winning re-election easily in New Mexico.

A minimum of six retirements in 2012

It can be almost another two years before the 2012 elections take place. Still, announcements are being made by senators. Jon Kyl, Jim Webb, Kent Conrad, Joe Liberman, Kay Hutchinson and Bingaman have all announced they will retire at the end of the 2012 session. This means that any challengers hoping to win the election for their seats are free to start their own campaigns. Elections for 2012 could be very interesting. Everybody is wondering what will take place. Democrats hold a 51-47 majority in the Senate. You will find two independents in office too. They vote with Democrats generally though. In order to keep control, Democrats can lose no more than three seats and maintain control of the Senate.

Retirement package for Senators

Sixty seven year old Jeff Bingaman won't be much older at the end of 2012. He probably will not be any older than 68. According to law, any member of Congress is eligible for pension following the age of 62 if they have spent at least five years in Congress. You will find many factors that can change a pension plan. However, about $46,932 a year is awarded to congress members. This will go on top of the private retirement savings and social security benefits that could possibly be received by the senator.


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By: Brain Grey