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Bracelets One Of The Oldest Forms Of Handmade Jewellery

One of the oldest forms of handmade jewellery is the bracelet and it is not only one of the oldest it is also one of the most popular. These are crafted from many different types of material in many designs.

The history of the bracelet goes back thousands of years and we can see it in evidence as far back as the ancient Egyptians. These are the first that were found to be made that had some sort of cultural significance. Before this the primitive bracelet and other pieces of handmade jewellery had been produced from natural materials like plated grasses, shell, bones and wood and were only worn as an adornment.

We know that the bracelet paid a large part in the Egyptian society because of the symbols they used in creating these pieces of handmade jewellery as these have been found with designs that include the scarab beetle and this was a sacred symbol to the Egyptians. This scarab beetle was the symbol of rebirth and these bracelets have been found in tombs where they were buried with both men and women. These were said to help them in the afterlife.

The ancient Greeks also had a love for wearing a bracelet and were worn as an adornment by both men and women of all social classes. Leather bracelet cuffs were worn by Greek soldiers on both their wrists as a form of defence and they were often used to hang their swords on. How elaborate was your leather cuffs depended on your rank from the foot soldier wearing plain leather cuffs to the generals wearing designs that were set with semi-precious gemstones.

Today the bracelet is one of the most popular pieces of handmade jewellery and comes in many designs and it can be seen worn by both men and women. It is a very versatile piece of jewellery and can be worn on any occasion and you will find designs both modern and traditional crafted from many different types of materials. Jewellery UK has many pieces in a large collection and you will find many different styles.

Charm bracelets are very popular at the moment and these are one of the oldest forms of bracelet ad these can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and they were a popular piece of jewellery worn by Queen Victoria and these can be seen worn by women of all age. These will come in the form of a chain and from this you will hang charms and beads. These pieces of handmade jewellery are often the first piece of jewellery that we own and they are a popular piece to give as a gift as the charms can be given over the years and these pieces can come to have a great sentimental value. Jewellery UK has both bracelets and a collection of charms. These pieces of handmade jewellery often become family heirlooms as they are passed down from mother to daughter.

Beaded bracelets are and the form that is popular as many of these can be very cheap and they are easy to make. You will see many kinds from those that have cheap glass beads strung on elastic to ones in unique and original designs that have been crafted from semi-precious gemstones. These are one of the first pieces of jewellery that child will make and you will be able to by kits to make these lovely pieces of handmade jewellery.