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Buying British Dresses For Weddings

After the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, most of us are still feeling a glow from all that is to be Proud to be British, a great position for us to really focus on the multitude of valuable goods Britain is producing which we should be spending our money on, rather than spending on imported products.

For those of us in Britain not succumbed by debt, now would be the time to focus your weekly, or even luxury spend to your home market.

The vast majority of clothing on the high street is made in the South East, why not shop for the special event dress by looking for a brand that not only designs but manufacturers here in the UK thereby helping support talented local artisans and designers.

Laura Burling is a fashion designer based in the West Country who sells handmade designer clothes on-line. www.lauraburling.co.uk. All of her fabrics are sourced from UK or European suppliers and she offers free delivery within the UK. Her dresses are bespoke and she offers each dress on a made-to-order or made-to-measure basis.

Laura's new collection for AW12 is revealed! Take a look at her website!

By taking a more ethical look at our everyday consumption, and by focusing more on buying British brands we would put ourselves in a better position to boost our economy out of its recession.

About Laura Burling

From a young age, Laura has had a keen interest in the world of fashion and has dedicated her professional and academic career to gaining as much experience and expertise in all aspects of the industry. After studying Textiles at Leeds University and gaining a B.A. and M.Sc. in the subject, she worked in the Product Development team for a supplier of M&S, gained experience as an assistant to the Fashion Editor of a popular weekly supplement magazine and then worked for a number of years in the Buying Office at Selfridges, Oxford Street.

More recently, Laura exchanged the fast paced life of the city to settle down and start a family in the West Country. With the arrival of a beautiful daughter, Laura found herself looking forward to encouraging her little girl to always live her dreams, which reminded her of her own and ultimately lead to her creating her own designer fashion label.

Her first collection, aptly named The Debut Collection, brings together her vision of classically elegant styles that offer a superior level of fit. Laura wanted to create a brand that would cater for women looking for opulent designer garments for special events that would flatter and compliment the curves of the modern female shape.

Inspired by Royal Ascot, her love of classic literature and historical fashion, she uses an array of luxurious, touch-me fabrics, and has sculpted signature necklines, nipped in waists and sophisticated hem lengths. Her silk dresses create captivating silhouettes that exude confidence and fashionability.

Handmade UK Fashion.