Case Study Increasing The Popularity ( Or Votes) And Pagerank Of Our Website

The road map for achieving Page Rank Five ----then move on to “ Six

Flagged : This document is for creating an engine of manpower to increase the popularity of our website.

Present popularity of our website :8700 in Google

Getting to pagerank 5

The range of popularity required :20,000-30,000

Manpower ---- Let's say Five people ....

One ---- Person writing 6-8 articles on a daily basis ...

And other four Seo's would be using various web marketing vehicles to increase the popularity of website.

One person can increase the popularity by 1200 -1500 per year .

Therefore four multiplied by (1200-1500) =4800 - 6000 popularity per year.

In three years the popularity of our website will reach at 3 multiplied by (4800-6000) = ((14,000-18,000) + 8500 (present popularity) = (22,500 “ 23,500)

In four years the popularity of our website will reach around (26,000 -30,500)

These are the minimum numbers , actually the popularity would be a lot more than this figure, since our website will also spread naturally on the inter net.

Duration :

In three to 4 years the popularity of our website will reach around 30,000 “ which will comfortably place our website in the elusive bracket of "Pagerank Five".

Benefits of increasing our websites popularity :

1) Increased exposure

2) The pagerank will also improve considerably .

3) The rankings for all pages will move up.

4) Traffic will increase sharply.

5) Our website will reach a massive audience.....which will increase the brand awareness of Miraclestudios.

6) Our website will mature a lot .....from a small kid day it will become a big mammoth Godzilla.....a global brand name.

7) The websites growth is generally measured by the Page Rank. Our website on that growth scale is currently pecked at "4" .

8) Once we reach "Five" then it would be great achievement ........ after that we would buff ourselves for the toughest target ahead, that will be to break the barrier of "Pagerank 6 “ which is a heaven".

Pagerank Six will make our website a "Global Player" ---- like (Popularity : 2 lakh ), (Popularity : 1.5 lakh) , (Popularity : around 90 thousand), ( 2.8 lakh) , Fantasy Interactive ( Pagerank Six) .

So we will branded in the category of elite "brand names" that rule the world .....

"And big brand names are created through various marketing vehicles -- And on line marketing is one of them. "

Strategy for Pagerank Six :-- After four years

If we can add two more employees to the current engine of five employees continuously working on our website for another two sets of four years then we will reach the popularity of "1.5 “ 2 lakh".

And once we reach to "Pagerank Six", it would be a virtual paradise, with our website attracting more then 50-60 thousand visitors per month.

Our website will become the "most powerful tool" for our company..........

What will our website do when we reach pagerank six ?


Number One : It can be used to market virtually anything.

Number Two: Our website will become a global brand name.

Number Three : Search engines would love our website.

Number Four : " It will have a great design, great content and thousands of votes in the form of popularity number.

Number Five: Our website will have all the ingredients to be a successful entity on inter net with

Its vanilla content + Artistic web design

Number Six : Our website will become a power to reckon on inter net.