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Clip On Earrings Or Magnetic Earrings Which To Buy

So, what if you want to wear earrings but you don't want to have your ears pierced? What if you have a daughter who is not ready to get her ears pierced yet, but she still wants to wear earrings? You can solve this dilemma with clip on earrings or magnetic earrings.

Clip ons adhere to the earlobe by way of attached clips that grip the lobe. If you buy clip ons, you should only get those that are adjustable and which are guaranteed by the merchant not to pinch (you may have to adjust them to prevent the pinching). Magnetic earrings adhere to the ear by way of small magnets inside the studs of the earrings. The front part and back part of the studs attract each other, and this magnetic attraction keeps the earrings in place. Neither of these types of earrings require any piercing of the ears in order for them to be worn.

Both clip on earrings and magnetic earrings obviously have the advantage of allowing you or your daughter to wear earrings without the need for piercing. But is that all there is to it? Let's look at further details concerning these options.

It's claimed by some merchants and wearers that magnetic earrings can confer health benefits. Magnetism has sometimes been used to balance out moods and detoxify the body, so perhaps there's merit in the claims. So there's no need for getting the ears pierced, and you might experience additional health benefits. This seems like the logical choice for earrings, although there's more to the story. Some people have experienced migraines or painful heaviness in the earlobes when wearing magnetized earrings. What's more, over time the magnetic force within the studs can diminish, and then the earrings are no longer wearable.

Clip on earrings are certainly not going to have their adhering capability diminish over time, although the clips could accidentally get broken. And while clip ons cannot be claimed to confer any health benefits for mood or bodily detoxification, they are able to more securely hold on to the ear lobe than magnetic earrings can.

If clip ons are properly adjusted and fitted, they are nice and snug on the ear, whereas with magnetics a sharp jolt can cause them to fall off. The important thing with clips ons is to make sure the clips of the ones you choose are fully adjustable. The reason for this is if you find that you're wearing a new pair that fits too tightly you can easily adjust the tension of the clips so that the pair fits just right and won't cause you any pain.

You'll want to weigh the potential advantages and disadvantages of getting either one of these types of "pierceless" earrings. Consider style, price, and method of adherence before you buy.

By: Vincent A Rogers