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Critical Analysis Of Urdu Novels Of Umera Ahmed

The Urdu novels of Umera Ahmed are very popular among the masses. They are almost always the best sellers. Many people wonder why they become so popular. There are several reasons that make Umera Ahmed's Urdu novels very popular.

The following are some critical factors, which become a cause of the popularity of Umera Ahmed's Urdu novels.

Umera's own professional and educational background

The ardent Urdu readers are always very concerned about the real person producing their favorite pieces of writing. Umera has done her masters in English literature and has taught at the Cambridge wing of the Army Public School. I Pakistan the masters in English literature and the profession of teaching are held in high esteem. Therefore, the people are highly interested in seeing what she has to offer in her Urdu writings.

Other than this, the Umera's middle class background makes her seem like someone approachable and someone the masses can connect to. So this adds a lot of charm to her writings too.

The love for Allah and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) is often the basic theme of the Urdu novels of Umera

The masses of Pakistan are really influenced by the religious texts. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons of the popularity of the novels of Umera Ahmed. It cannot be declined that the plot and storylines of Umera Ahmed's Urdu novels are strong and catchy. However, the fact that the religious themes are integrated in the themes of Umeara's novels also makes them very famous.

An example of this trend is the popularity of the Urdu novel Peer-e-Kamil (s.a.w) written by Umera Ahmed. No other Urdu novel of Umera Ahmed has been this famous.

Along with Ishq e Haqeeqi, Umera Ahmed's novels never lack Ishq e Majazi