Dr Rodney Howard Browne And The Great Awakening Tour

Rodney Howard Browne discusses truth and freedom. In prior days, we studied the tenet of gaining freedom by knowing God's Word. For us to take in the truth, we must do more than simply read or learn by heart Scripture ; we must also meditate on it - then the Holy Spirit will teach us to apply the Word to our lives. Rodney Howard Browne teaches that God does not simply free us from old negative thought patterns and feelings of inadequacy ; He frees us to serve Him with our entire being.When we become very worried about what the people next door think about us, whether we are secure enough, or which things we are lacking, then we have tiny to give away to anyone else. But the Lord wants His folk pouring their lives into those that are suffering and wounding. His limitless love releases us to accept others in their present condition. Rodney Howard Browne emphasises that Godly freedom carries responsibility.We are responsible to our siblings and sisters who are in need. If we think the Lord has liberated us for ourselves, then we have failed to understand, and we're not actually free. God has saved us, provided us, and armed us with His love so we will carry out His universal goal : to bring to everyone the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord. In a total reversal of the Earth's system, our freedom has roots in our obedience to God's purpose for our life. We have got a choice to accept His love for us, and we must decide whether to speak that love with others.

By: Amos Gibbs