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Enrich Your Knowledge With Penguin Books

Penguin is one of the lead publisher for United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Australia and India. Allen lane, the man behind Penguin Books, wanted the books under the his publication to be sold not only in bookshops but also in railway stations, general stores and corner shops. The first Penguin paperbacks were published in 1935, as an imprint of Bodley Head, Vigo Street. Penguin Books In India is now the flagship imprint of the renowned, Penguin Group and is owned by Pearson PLC. The company is known for producing good quality books at cheaper rates. The company also has subsidiaries namely, Dorling Kindersley, Puffin Books, Rough Guides, Ladybird Books and Viking Press.

Penguin has another very popular imprint known as 'Penguin Classics', which is a subsidiary of Pearson PLC (London based education and media industry). Penguin classics deals with publishing hundreds of classic literature from Greeks and Romans to Victorian and Elizabethan period. It also publishes modern classical literature and has a huge collection of books about various legendary and historic writers.

Penguin India is considered to be one the best publishers of all time and it has upheld its side of the bargain by providing its vast range of faithful customers with the writings of the latest and upcoming authors and contemporary artists, along with the very old, classic favourites.

In 2008, Penguin re-released it 36 modern popular works under a new name, Penguin Celebrations. In 2008 only, Penguin's Australian subsidiary released the Popular Penguins series.

Popular Penguins are presented as a return to Allen Lane's original ethos-good books at inexpensive prices. All of the Popular Penguins series are in Penguin Orange, and not colour coded in the manner of the original designs and the ' Penguin Celebrations' titles.

Now-a-days, while considering the options of buying Penguin paperback novels, a convenient option for all is through various online shopping sites. Though the traditional way of searching for books in book shelves in the shops is fun, buying books online can also be a pretty fun experience. The thing about online shopping is that it offers its customers with more fun activities than just a product like chatting, sharing pictures and thoughts, etc. One can search the best product deals suiting his/ her needs most importantly the budget. A person may be overwhelmed by many attractive offers and hot deals, making the buying process a fun event by all means.

By: Shefali Roy