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Experience Where To Buy Kindle Today For Avid Readers

Get acquainted with the latest wireless reading device from Amazon, the third generation Kindle. With this new Kindle, reading never felt this good. Already, some people are asking about where to buy Kindle for a family member who is an avid reader, while others want it entirely for themselves. Those who already own or are familiar with the device can attest to the fact that this paperback-sized gadget is truly astonishing. Aside from the relatively small proportions of the device, which can literally fit in your back pocket, it also boasts of new features that will surely impress even the toughest of critics.

This new Kindle, otherwise known as the Kindle 3 or the third generation Kindle, comes in two versions, both equally remarkable. One version, which is more affordable with the initial price of $139 a pop, has Wi-Fi technology that allows the user to go online through any public or private Wi-Fi network. The other version of the Kindle 3, which was initially priced at $189, has a built-in 3G connectivity on top of its Wi-Fi connection capability. 3G technology utilizes the same signals that mobile phones use, and this allows the user Internet connectivity anywhere there is a mobile phone service.

The most recent Kindle wireless reading device not only has Internet connectivity as part of its arsenal of cool features, it has other features as well that have never before been incorporated in any eBook reader. The physique of the Kindle 3 is quite impressive also, which is just a quarter of an inch thin; and it weighs just around eight and a half ounces. The interface design has also been greatly improved as it is now more user-friendly than ever. The cool new high contrast E-Link screen with Pearl Technology allows for a 50% better contrast than the previous models. This feature also displays crystal clear texts, as well as sharper images. What more can you ask for?

Besides the new Kindle's impressive advancement with its display technology, the storage capacity of the Kindle 3 has also gotten bigger, as it can save up to 3.500 books. Now, you will never have to leave your entire book collection at home. You can just literally put them in your pocket. With the number of downloadable eBooks available, you can start reading the latest book of your favorite author within just seconds. You don't even have to use a computer to download it. If you want free books to read, there are millions of out-of-copyright books (pre-1923) available for download. Classic literature enthusiasts will certainly love this.

The abundance of affordable bestsellers is also among the reasons why many are looking where to buy Kindle, since some of the New York Times best sellers are available for the Kindle 3 at less than ten dollars a copy. Great incentive, wouldn't you say?

For the avid reader who likes to share his or her meaningful everyday passages, this new Kindle wireless reading device also comes equipped with Facebook and twitter integration. All your twitter followers and Facebook friends can now enjoy daily meaningful passages. Imagine how amazing it is that all of these features are packed into one seemingly inconspicuous device like the Kindle 3. Why not give yourself a treat and experience the world of literature through this revolutionary device from Amazon?

By: Benj Adrian