General Election 2010 – Castle Cover Asks Who Gets The Over 50s Vote

This year's general election on May 6th sees Gordon Brown and the Labour party face a serious challenge from David Cameron's Conservative party. Over 50's home insurance specialists Castle Cover have provided an overview of the main parties and their policies; giving information and advice to their base of over 200,000 customers who fall into the over 50 age group.

LABOUR - Key promises affecting the over 50's

* Securing the economy's recovery by halving its deficit by 2014 through growth, fair taxes and cuts to lower priority spending.

* Preventative healthcare through routine check-ups for the over-40s.

* Link between the Basic State Pension and earnings re-established from 2012.

* Help people to build up savings through new Personal Pension Accounts.

* Energy-bill discounts for pensioners.

CONSERVATIVES “ Key promises affecting the over 50's

* Give people more control over their retirement income by ending the effective obligation to buy an annuity at 75.

* Ensure that all pensioners receive a decent state pension.

* Hold a review to bring forward the date at which the state pension age starts to rise to 66, although it will not be sooner than 2016 for men and 2020 for women.

* Protection of the winter fuel payment, free bus passes, free TV licences, disability living allowance, attendance allowance and the pension credit.

* Ensure a fairer deal for grandparents, making it easier for grandparents to receive tax credits and allowances when looking after their grandchildren.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS “ Key promises affecting the over 50's

* A comprehensive package of policies for older people, lifting the most vulnerable pensioners out of poverty and bridging the gap between men and women.

* Creation of a Citizen's Pension.

* Free long-term personal care for the elderly.

* Add over £140 extra income a month for a pensioner couple, £100 a month for a single pensioner over 75.

* Scrapping Council Tax to benefit 8 million pensioners; with 6 million paying no local tax at all.