Get Sirius With Howard Stern - His Journey Into Satellite Radio

Get Sirius with Howard Stern

Howard Stern, the highly controversial radio jock is no longer common fixture in terrestrial radio but has been immortalized in some sorts in the newest trend in radio programming, satellite radio.

Sirius Satellite Radio signed Stern as a radio jock way back in 2004. Stern's loyal following has tuned in at Sirius to hear their favorite radio jock speak away with less restriction compared to when he was still heard over terrestrial radio.

Satellite radio started in the early 1990s. Sirius Satellite Radio back then and until now belongs to the only two satellite radio providers that are at the forefront of making satellite radio the major means to deliver audio programming to people.

Sirius allows their subscribers to "tune-in" to dozens of channels of original audio programming which are transmitted directly via satellite to special receivers placed in cars and in their homes. Similar to satellite television, satellite radio has more freedom from the FCC regarding the specific type of programming they want to conduct.

This freedom is granted since subscribers can personalize their satellite radio programming and have control over what minors can or cannot listen to. For both Stern and his followers this pretty much goes to their advantage. On satellite radio, Stern can talk dirty as much as he wants.

And his fans can have an unaltered listening experience which they never had when Stern was still over broadcast radio. Stern himself agreed to this and he even said in an interview that satellite radio offers him "more potential than terrestrial radio."

Sirius offers it subscribers with a new, high quality, and digitized way of listening to music, sports, news, and entertainment. Its main base of operations is in New York City's Rockefeller Center.

Sirius has more than 130 digital-quality channels which includes 69 channels of 100% commercial-free music. The network also offers premium channels of sports, news, entertainment, talks or commentaries, traffic, weather and even data.

Because it's via satellite, Sirius has a country-wide coverage. Their programs can be transmitted practically anywhere in the U.S. All the subscribers need is a Sirius audio satellite receiver and they can listen while they are driving, in their RV homes during a vacation, in their homes, offices, stores and even during camping trips. With three satellites at their disposal, Sirius network are able to provide the premium quality programming that's becoming more and more popular today.

So aside from Howard Stern, when you subscribe to Sirius, you'll get the advantage of hearing specialized music that ranges from heavy metal and hip-hop to country, dance, jazz, Latin and classical. These music selections are paired with insights and perspectives from Sirius' resident music experts and from various musicians and performers who are invited by the network to guests in their programs.