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How Do Men Wear Silver Bracelets

The bracelets are a great way to complement an outfit, be it formal or casual. The summer the proper season to wear bracelets because we are in short sleeves and the bracelets can be seen. I will quote a well known jewelry designer, Philip Crangi. He said that "people tend to have extreme views when it comes to jewelry" which is true. Many persons see the jewelry as an accessory for women only. They believe that only silver enhancement should a man wear it's the watch.


It's really ok to wear jewelry if you are male, as long as you know what to choose. Celebrities like Johnny Depp appear quite frequently wearing bracelets which probably is the reason why more and more men are wearing them. Now let's see why silver bracelets are an excellent accessory for men and what you can wear at them.

First of all, I thought it was interesting to add that the bracelets are not a new accessory. Actually, they were first worn about 35000 years ago!! It was the first (from evolutionary chain) who wore bracelets, usually were made of shells, bones or teeth. Bracelets history continues since the Middle Ages until today. There have not been reported periods in which the bracelets were not worn. Although men's bracelets come in a variety of materials such as gold, platinum or leather, we will focus now on those made of the most stylish material: the silver.

Why not everyone can wear silver bracelets?

Silver bracelets don't look good on any man. Being very thin, a man with thin wrist will be disadvantaged by wearing such a bracelet. Otherwise, if you have a thicker wrist, you have to try a silver bracelet! And if you have a thin wrist and you really want to wear a silver bracelet, try to get one that suite you well. You will have to front difficulties in finding the one that does not slide too much on the wrist. Eventually, if it's too large, try to adjust it (remove a few rings'). A large enhancement is as bad as wearing loose clothing.

Types of silver bracelets Here the things are very simple: choose either a matte silver bracelet or a polished silver one. Polished silver is brighter than the matte.