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How To Fix Tight Clip On Earrings

Tight clip on earrings take away the joy of wearing these easy-to-wear pieces of beautiful jewellery. Your earlobes feel pinched where the clip earrings meet, thus, resulting in a great deal of discomfort, especially when these pieces are worn for extended periods of time.

Fortunately, you need not suffer for too long. Clip earrings can be adjusted so that they can be worn with greater comfort, which will allow more women to enjoy the personal accessory on many occasions. Just remember to go about the adjustments in a gentle and gradual manner as little changes translate to big differences when it comes to the delicate structure of clip on earrings.

First, paddle back clip on earrings are easy to adjust. Use either a pair of tweezers or needle-nosed pliers. Let's assume that you will use the tweezers. Grip the paddle with one pair of tweezers and grab the paddle's tongue with the other pair of tweezers. The tongue is simply the middle prong of the paddle. Gently bend the tongue away from the other outlying prongs; be sure to make miniscule adjustments. Try on the earrings and adjust again as necessary until you are satisfied with the results. It won't take too long and the end result will be a much more comfortable set of earrings that you can enjoy.

Second, clip on earrings with a simple U-clip are also easy to adjust. Again, use either a pair of tweezers of needle-nosed pliers. Holding the earring's front in one hand, grip the clip's U bracket with the tweezers and then slowly bend it. You may also pinch the clip's pad toward the back but do this ever so gently and slightly.

Now, you may be hesitant about playing around with the prongs, clips and screws of the clip earrings. Your next best option is to use earring cushions and earring slippers to ease the pressure made by the various forms of attachments. Your ears will appreciate the barrier between the skin and the earrings although the attachments will remain as is.

Earring slippers are must-have accessories for clip on earrings. These are made of a rubbery, gummy and slightly sticky material with its main function being to improve the earrings' grip on the skin. Since earring slippers provide a barrier between the skin and the attachment, a significant degree of comfort can be enjoyed even with a slightly tight screw or clip.

For better results, we suggest earring cushions made from soft plastic and thin foam. These are easy to apply too “ just cut out a small piece, place it on the clip where it can be discreetly hidden, and then remove the backing. Wear the earrings and enjoy comfort, thanks to the lesser mechanical pressure exerted by the earrings on the earlobes.