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Indian Art Now An Investor’s First Choice

Today, the financial sector and the extravagant art galleries are playing counterparts in ensuring high stakes for Indian art in the stock market trading. Indian art has grown into a major brand and the artists have become the brand ambassadors like never before. There has been a complete change in the gears with the domestic as well as the international market finally noticing it as an investment option.

Earlier, art was purchased as a luxury commodity to add to your stylized home décor and even office décor for that matter. But in the recent times, Indian art has become an investment in every sense of the word. There are investors flocking the Indian art scene and investing in the works of art. These artworks now also possess a strong resale value due to their demand and valuing in the market.

There are major business tycoons and corporate biggies offering and working closely with the stalwarts from the art industry. The pooling of capital and resources has been a mutually benefitting situation for the business owners as well as the art lovers and artists.

With the India art industry on its ascending curve, the increasing number of investors only spells more funds and an even better platform for the upcoming artists. The leading name in the initiation of investments and promotion of the upcoming art, Copal Art plays a significant role in bringing funds to Indian art and fortunes turn in the favor of the Indian artists. Moreover, it offers a diverse range of services to both the upcoming as well as established artists from the Indian art industry.

By: Andi Hites