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Indian Food Restaurants - Revival of the Spices and Herbs Infused Cuisine   by Jenny Jonson

in Food    (submitted 2012-07-10)

With the increasing population of people inclined to healthy eating veganism is rapidly gaining popularity all around the globe. Healthy eating has become a way of life to prevent people from intoxicating their bodies with meat and ward off any health issues pertaining to it. Veganism is adopted worldwide even in countries like America and Great Britain that depend wholly on poultry or red meat. Indian food restaurants have flourished to provide the vegans with assorted palette an amalgamation of a taste and health. These restaurants help provide a varied choice and customers can indulge without guilt.

These restaurants have become the new talk in the town and have managed to appeal to consumers on a humongous scale. This popular endeavour has picked up pace and is reaching every corner of the world. Lavish and exuberant restaurants have adopted veganism as a part of their menu to encourage healthy eating.

Indian food - a contemporary change

In a country like India where the cow is worshipped as god and slaughtering of animals is looked down upon, veganism is not really a trend but a way of life. Here diversity is seen not only in terms of population but also the delicacies, though vegetables are vitality. Indian food has gained popularity for being dependent on vegetables rather than meat or poultry. Thus Indian food incorporates a varied amount of spices and herbs along with fruits and vegetables. The world has now embraced Indian food as an innovative change in the food industry.

Due to the immense knowledge of spices and herbs incorporated with extensive techniques and combination of flavours, Veg restaurants have emerged as a pioneer. Indian restaurants have accomplished a sort of refreshing new cuisine. These restaurants have managed to manoeuvre attention of food lovers not only locally but also food valedictorians worldwide.

Negative perception of Indian food

Indian food is originally very spicy and a lot of palettes cannot sustain such high quantity of spices and herbs. Also the augmentation of fats like ghee and oil is not appreciated by many households resulting in a misinterpretation of the entire cuisine altogether.

The truth

Indian vegan restaurants have noted all these perceptions and striven to uplift the level of taste and increase its demand and popularity. These restaurants have catered to foreign palette but have also choices for the locals who cherish savoury dishes with an appropriate amount of oil and butter. Restaurants like Rajdhani deal with non-calorific and satiating foodstuff that does work well with the diverse populace. Restaurants like these promote and have made non-fattening and lighter delicacies popular and renowned.

Veg restaurants have managed to sustain their authority in the food industry as they provide beneficiary supplements to people with health issues and also those who may be lactose intolerant. Indian food restaurants provide a variety of delicacies that people can relish and savour with mere fruits and vegetables. This has bought about an evolution in the restaurant business as well as in majority of Indians. A healthy lifestyle can be lead through healthy practices, having vegetarian food is one of them.