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Indicating Plagiarism In The Urdu Literature And Ways To Eliminate It

The Urdu is suffering from a very bad fate due to the plagiarism these days. Undoubtedly, the Urdu language, both prose and poetry has seen some great writers, authors, columnists, and poets. However, it is a great discouragement and disappointment for them to see their excellent pieces of literature or the poetry being plagiarized.

Following are the major types of the plagiarism in the Urdu literature and some practical ways to eliminate it.

Types of plagiarism

Idea stealing

This is the most common form of plagiarism. Many so-called Urdu writers or poets steal ideas of others and publish in their names.

Shameless Lifting

This is an extremely bad, in fact, evil trend in this country that people shamelessly lift pieces of other and publish it. It is rampant in two ways.

Common people lift literary works of great Urdu writers and send them to be published in weekly magazines and monthly digests etc.

the publishing houses publish plagiarized Urdu books.

Unaccredited translations

The Urdu weekly magazines and monthly digests are replete with the unaccredited translations. This is also a very bad trend of the Pakistani magazines. People get money for the Urdu pieces that they never wrote but only translated.

Unaccredited compilations

The publishing houses compile the excellent literary pieces, essays, stories pr poems by several different writers and poets. They neither ask for the permission of the writers and poets nor give them any part in the immense profits that they make from such Urdu books.

Ways to eliminate plagiarism

Strict regulations