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Infant Bracelets San Pedro California

Over the last ten years there has been a rising trend in the demand for infant bracelets and baby anklets. Though it may seem as though this is just another phase, the latest casualty in the fashion parade, the idea of jewelry for babies is not new. For centuries, jewelry has been displayed on infants for many reasons. Babies wearing jewelry is more than just a form of artistic visual exhibition. It is not just the beauty of the jewelry that matters, but its purpose as well.

Depending on the culture, environment and background of the person, jewelry means different things to each individual. For some, jewelry placed on the baby is there to let other people know the wealth and status of the family. It is a symbol that the child should be respected for those reasons. Precious metals such as gold and silver were often worn as bracelets by the infants of royal or noble families. This was the way they showed the significance of the child's upbringing to others. This is still true today for many cultures.

For others, jewelry is part of their religious or cultural background. They put jewelry on their babies to protect them against evil. During ancient times, jewelry was made from things like shells, animal teeth and even wood. The families would put these on their babies as bracelets or anklets in the hopes that such jewelry would ward off evil spirits. In the 14th century, Italian parents customarily gave newborns a cross made of coral to protect them from the "evil eye". There are many people today who still believe in the power of jewelry to protect their children.

Others put jewelry on their infants for more practical reasons. In Cambodia, the parents decorated the ankles of their infants with silver baby anklets that had tiny bells attached. If the child then crawled or wandered away, the parents would hear the bells and be able to stop the child from venturing into unsafe areas. Today, infant bracelets are often used to show the child's medical history or as a form of identification.

Since ancient times, jewelry for babies has been an ongoing trend. Culture, environment and background are all a part of every family. Using jewelry for a cultural reason, as a symbol for something, or for practical reasons, is the choice only the family can make. Each infant is unique and so each piece of jewelry must be chosen with careful thought.

By: Madison Gale