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Literature as the Way to Get Familiarized with the World

Modern world offers a lot of opportunities for students in regards to information search. The Internet is a great source of information. Students can get to know everything from it. Furthermore, the spread of the media is also important. Students are given an opportunity to watch different movies on the basis of the greatest literature. That is why, there is a question why students need to read books and why they need literature classes. Some students may support this opinion and create a list of a number of different arguments in favor of eliminating literature for curriculum and create an extracurricular activity for those who think that literature is important. Still, the arguments are going to be weak and unimpressive. On the contrary, there is an opinion that in the world of the Internet and the media, literature discipline is extremely important. Here are some specific ideas on how literature helps students and why it is useful.

Arguments for leaving literature in school curriculum

1.Literature makes people read books. Reading is one of the main ways to improve grammar and other skills. The Internet is full of information and students read a lot there, but the natural question arises whether English used meets its grammar and spelling rules, or not.

2.Classical literature is a great opportunity to appear in another world. Most classic works were written in other centuries so students are given an opportunity to get accustomed with the life of people, their customs and traditions, mode of life.

3.It is impossible to get the same pleasure from reading the Internet blog like from reading a piece of writing created by a famous person. The stories written by masters of word are magnificent which carried its urgency through centuries enabling them to be popular among each subsequent generation

By: Michael Nyleo