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Low Self Esteem - 3 Brilliant Keys To Boost It Up

Most people, especially the teens, are having crisis on their individual self esteems. This is the stage of a normal person's level of growth and development where these problems start to arise. It is during this stage that a person's self esteem seems to be on the battle. Because of some peer pressures, or even family issues, and school and love issues come together, these may be the reasons for such disturbed self esteem.

Well, self esteem is the way you feel about yourself and the way you look at yourself. It is more likely an opinion of one's own being. When you have a low self esteem, then this means you have a very poor and low opinion about yourself. But when you have high self esteem, it also means you have a good and high opinion about yourself.

A lot of people are encountering such problems. Here's a quick way to deal with it. This article may help you in how to boost up your self esteem and have a good opinion about yourself.

Here are the 3 brilliant keys to boost up your self esteem:

1. Do something that you know and believe you are good at

As a human being, a creation of God, you are born with talents and traits that you are definitely good at. Never think negatively that you cannot do anything. Do something that you know and believe you are good at. Never doubt on your capabilities because you are born with abilities you and you alone can do it.

2. Think back and make a list of your achievements

Think of all your achievements. May it be simple or difficult; it is still your achievement. Think of the things that you have surpassed during the years, like passing in the long exams, being the top scorer in any quiz, trying to help someone, being able to clean and maintain your bedroom, or even saving a money for something you wished to buy. It's as simple as that, yet you know you were fulfilled during those times, so all of those are your personal achievements.

3. Never compare yourself to anyone

Never compare yourself to anyone. This is a great help in boosting your self esteem. You put in mind that everyone is a unique individual, with unique traits, talents, capabilities and abilities. Each one is born with certain beauty and that it is within you to prove and speak for that beauty. You make good opinions about yourself and with this; you will never feel small with any other people around you.