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Nikon Coolpix For You Cool Pictures

To capture your special memories and moments, all you need is a reliable, sturdy, compact, and feature-filled camera that will allow you to take it anywhere you go, allow you to take amazing pictures, and have the ability to upload and share them so you can keep them and have them forever. With the Nikon Coolpix, you can do this by enjoying the high resolution camera that can virtually fit in your pocket. With its stylish and sleek design, you can take it anywhere you want to go and you can be sure that when it's time to capture a special memory, this device will be the thing that saves the day. For example, with its 12.0 megapixels, 3.6x zoon and wide, abundant 3 inch LCD screen, you have the powerful combination of features that will surely get you the photos you need.

The 3 way VR Image Stabilization System quick detects movement and the shutter speed consequently adjusts itself in relation to it so that you will never get blurry photos no matter how much the subject wriggles or moves. This can be great for candid shots, as well, because you can take photos without worrying about having someone's head look half vanished or hand three times big. With the Easy Auto Mode with Scene auto Selector, you can also let your camera choose its own settings by itself to ensure the best quality for the current picture at hand. In this way, you don't even have to configure the best setting, as the camera will do it for you, making sure that based on the surrounding light and color, your photo appears with the best contrast, color, and image quality possible.

The Coolpix L22 takes AA size batteries so you can use it anywhere you want without having to worry about recharging. That means it is the ideal camera to take with you when you visit all parts of the world, when you go globe hopping to Spain or to faraway islands or to exotic jungles hidden away where battery chargers don't work because there are no power outlets, you can still use this camera as you will have batteries to pop in whenever the ones you have die out on you.

You can also be assisted by the wide screen that shows you your pictures in vibrant quality so you know exactly how your picture looks once you've taken it. Then you can decide to delete it or to take another one. Plus, all of the buttons as well as the main one to snap the picture are surrounded by grips and custom made shapes to make it the ideal camera to hold while taking photos, so there is less chance of dropping it and breaking it.

No matter whether you like capturing the faces of people you love or capturing memories, this camera has two movie modes as well as the ability to detect up to 12 faces in a shot, allowing for the red eye and the smiles to be captured in wonderful quality.

By: Roberto Sedycias