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Opening A Restaurant - 7 Vital Tips To Help You Start Your Restaurant On The Correct Path   by Ray Freeman

in Business    (submitted 2011-11-07)

Opening a restaurant is a dream for many budding restaurateurs. If you want your restaurant venture to be successful then it is vital for you to know what you would require exactly to ensure a huge popularity. You think establishing a restaurant is all fun and excitement, but what you must know is that it is also extremely tiring and a stressful job. Below are seven important tips on how to start a restaurant that will help you ensure you a roaring success.

Tip#1 - Finance

You will have to prepare a proper budget and see the correct amount you will need to establish a restaurant. How would you get this amount, you can consider taking a bank loan or also talking to your investors. To make a proper budget, you will have to take into account the expenses on food, taxes, leases, staff, legal fess etc. you have to determine how you will be able to pay the loan back every month. The money lender or the bank would want to see your business plan; therefore it is advisable to make a proper business plan before hand. This will ensure the loan provider about your success. Bank or a money lender would want to know if they are making a right investment to help you opening a restaurant.

Tip#2 - Experience

If you want to establish and manage a restaurant then you will require certain experience for it. You would need to know all the aspects of accounting, advertising and promotion, managing staff and inventory management.

Tip#3 - Theme of the restaurant

You have to construct a restaurant around a theme. A particular theme would always attract the crowd towards you. For instance, you could begin a Chinese specialty restaurant or a Mediterranean restaurant. Make sure that you are opening a restaurant that is unique. The uniqueness of you restaurant can be your USP!

Tip#4 - Obtaining a permit

You will require a lot of permits when you are opening a restaurant like the alcohol license, building permit, zoning permit, health permit etc.

Tip#5 - Supplies for your restaurant

You will have to design and decorate your restaurant. This will include buying furniture, and other accessories, lights, cutlery, glasses etc. to do this you can seek a help of an expert interior designer and get your restaurant designed as per your theme.

Tip#6 - Menu

Food is vital for any restaurant and a successful menu will always get you applause. The menu should be in compliance with the theme of your restaurant. Always serve your food fresh and do not keep your customers waiting for too long. Make a menu that will attract your customers. The pricing is also vital; the pricing must be moderate if you want to establish a good base on the start.

Tip#7 - Kitchen and waiting staff

Ensure that you are hiring professional chefs for your kitchen and also look into the cooking personally. Hire the waiting staff that has a good experience. They will know the right politeness and courtesy for your customers.

The success in opening a restaurant really depends on all the above stated tips. If you follow them I am sure that your restaurant will be a roaring success!