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AMCEE Ordering Information

To Place an Order

Call Toll Free (800) 338-9344
Send an email to info@maytinhxachtaycu.com
We will provide you a full price quote and confirm your order.

Course Availability

All courses listed are intended to be available for at least one calendar year. However, AMCEE and its member universities reserve the right to cancel course availability as necessary without notice.

Delivery Schedule

Rentals and purchases of courses generally require approximately three weeks lead-time. Each course is duplicated to order. Previews may be available sooner.


Shipping is not included in the list price for the course and is the responsibility of the customer. Shipments within the USA are by ground service unless other arrangements are made at the time of order. All shipments are FOB Origin. Shipping and Handling charges are on a prepaid basis and added to the invoice. All international orders are shipped via Air Freight Collect, unless prepaid with the order.


Prices listed on this website and are subject to change without notice. Prices provided on an official quote are valid for 30 days. Additional terms of purchase, rental or license may apply and will be clarified at time of order. Extended rental periods may be arranged at additional cost.

Payment Terms

General payment terms for all AMCEE products require an approved purchase order and/or prepayment depending on the circumstances. Contact AMCEE for credit approval requirements.

Payment Options

Payment may be made by check, Visa, MasterCard, or electronic transfer of funds.
International Orders

All orders destined for delivery outside the USA and Canada are International Orders and are subject to a 5% surcharge and other conditions of sale. Rental of courses is not available for international delivery.

International previews require the purchase of the preview tape or CD-ROM and any related print material. A portion of the cost of the preview can often be applied to the purchase cost of the course if it is ordered within 90 days.

International orders require an official quote from AMCEE. Terms and conditions of international sales are detailed on the quote. Contact AMCEE for a quotation or a referral to the licensed AMCEE representative in your country.


For many courses, a preview package is available, often at no cost. If there is a preview fee, it can usually be applied to the cost of purchase or rental of the course being previewed. Previews for international clients require the purchase of the preview tape or CD-ROM.


Textbooks associated with a course can be purchased at cost plus shipping through AMCEE. Contact AMCEE for a price quote.

Video Formats

The standard AMCEE videotape format is VHS (1/2”) in NTSC color standard. For an additional charge, courses are available in PAL/SECAM color standard conversions. Contact AMCEE for a quotation on nonstandard video requirements.

Copyright Restrictions

All courses sold by AMCEE are copyrighted by the producing institution. All rights are reserved. Reproduction of AMCEE courses in whole or in part by any means is strictly prohibited by law. The courses may not be used for television broadcast, viewed for paid fees or admissions, offered for academic credit, or performed before the public in any way without the express written consent of the copyright owner.