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Puzzling Education

Television is perhaps the only medium children learn extensively from, nowadays. What they learn is not always according to our taste. So, what to do? Remember that children will learn just as well, even better, from other mediums and even games as well. Remember the coloring book you had? Now that boosts creativity. The plus point of these ˜other mediums' is that they are controllable. The incorporation of puzzles in your child's education is a great way for him/her to learn while having fun.

What are the right kinds of puzzles?

Virtually, all kinds of puzzles for children, available are good to go. We usually think of puzzles as a box filled with hundreds of pieces”however, this is only one kind of puzzle. There are several puzzle coloring book (in Danish MAlebog), puzzle books, Sudoku books, crosswords, find-your-way-out books etc available nowadays. The best part about puzzles is that if you don't like what you see then you can make your own!

But how do they help in learning?

Puzzles for children inspire them with a drive”a drive to keep trying until they succeed. They encourage them to move further and learn while they enjoy. Learning is best done through fun. Puzzles are also known to boost memory and greatly improve hand-eye coordination. This will later enable them to solve more complex and difficult problems”like in math.

Educational Puzzles? Really!!

You will find lots of reading puzzles for children (in Danish puslespil til børn) nowadays that enable kids to develop their reading and grammar skills. Some offer words and points to be put together as sentences or a new story each time by changing the order. There are timed puzzles which teach time management to children. This will imbibe your child to become more efficient with time and be more competitive. Every time they beat the puzzle they must try to beat the time of the last try. There are also the more elementary matching puzzles which encourage children to match words to picture. These are best for the beginners.