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Reviw Journal Endorses Angle

Some say it was to be expected. The Las Vegas Reivew-Journal, Nevada's largest newspaper has endorsed Sharon Angle for Senate in Nevada. This is good news for Angle who is in a tight battle with Nevada's current Senator and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid.

Look for the Sun to endorse Reid in response.

The Sun has been relentless in pounding the Review Journal for their coverage of Angle and Reid. They have claimed swiftly and loudly that the Journal leans towards the right and against Reid. Therefore this was not a big surprise.

It should be noted though that the Review-Journal did endorse Reid back in 2004, when his opponent was Republican Richard Ziser.

The editorial in the Review-Journal on Sunday said that there was a clear choice between Angle and Reid. Angle supports limited government while Reid has been a party to what the newspaper sees as Obama's economic policies.

At last check both candidates were tied at 43%. This race is still a toss-up.

According to a new Fox opinion poll, 41% of voters plan to use their vote this year to express dissatisfaction with Obama and his policies compared to 34% who say they are casting their vote in support of Obama's policies.

Not a big shock. Not really. It is one of the reasons that there is still a ray of hope here in Vegas. A ray. I have a little concern though….when did our whole view on politics turn to a view of those people up there do not matter, it just matters how they will vote? Democrats and Republicans alike, Senators, Congressman, Governors… I have to ask, when did we stop caring about who you are and just that you were not “that other guy.”

That is one of the saddest things about this election to me. I don't really think that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would have been too happy to win knowing that they were winning not on values and ideas, but because they were just the lesser of two evils.

Politics used to mean something. What has happened to our pride? We are Americans! Our country was built on differing ideas that came together. Believe it or not there once was a time where you were not called names, called stupid and misinformed when you disagreed with the President of the United States. Maybe even just two years ago?

I think that is part of the problem. All pride and dignity has been lost. This idea of big time sacrifice for the good of the masses, unless you are in government is garbage. I think what many of you who love this whole share the wealth thing forget to remember is that in the end you will still have your fat cats up there. It will be like a giant MLM scam with the inventor being the President. That should scare you, but then again what is the lesser of two evils? Times like are now, or security in a little?