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Selecting Pictures For An Online Memorial

Online memorials provide a place to chronicle the facts about someone's life and the memories associated with them after they're gone. These memorials essentially give friends and family a place to go to remember them, regardless of where those friends and family may be in the world. Additionally, online memorials can feature pictures of loved ones who have passed away, pictures related to their life or even photos of their final resting place or other memorial monument.

Which picture to choose?

The average person amasses thousands of pictures throughout their lifetime, and that's just in their personal collection. Add in all the pictures others have of them, their closest family and friends, and you have an unbelievable hoard of images that can be very difficult to sort through. The pictures you choose will represent an entire life on the online memorial page.

First, the photos you choose should be of reasonably good quality. No one is expecting to see personal photos that are of professional quality, but something with an image that is clear and descriptive is often greatly appreciated by loved ones who will see the page.

Select something that you know shows a lot of the person's personality and/or something that they held dear in life. Many people opt to post a good portrait photo of the individual or something special such as baby pictures, wedding pictures, casual photos of everyday events or holidays, or pictures of the memorialized individual's children, grandchildren, pets and friends - anything they treasured or that really represents their life.

Photos of someone's physical memorial such as a headstone, plaque or similar memorial monument are often included on the online memorial page. Since these pictures are often taken for the purpose, it's easier to get quality photos to share online. Be aware that many challenges are involved in photographing these, however, as plaques are often engraved in letters that don't show up well on camera. In addition, every color of headstone requires different techniques to photograph.

Dark plaques with small lettering or lettering that doesn't contrast with the plaque can be challenging, but often need only a flash or to be shot at an angle to get a good picture. Gravestones or other stone memorials, especially mottled or light-colored stones, present their own set of challenges. In general, most engraved headstones photograph well at an angle that shadows the lettering, and preferably in diffuse lighting such as an overcast day or shade.

Pictures add a dimension to an online memorial page that words can't even touch - as the old adage states, "a picture is worth a thousand words" - and will form an irreplaceable feature for the memorial of a loved one. It only makes sense to represent a treasured person's life with quality pictures that serve well to keep their memory alive. The first step is ensuring that you select good, representative images that really do tell the story of that individual's life.