Social Bookmarking Sites Significance Of User-created Tags Links And Votes

The good effects that social bookmarking offers to those who publish new blogs, sites as well as other web sites is quite exceptional. Your own site or favourite sites can be introduced to others via social bookmarking. It acts both, as a tool that pulls traffic to your website and as a desirable backlinks generator. is one of the social bookmarking sites that pass on link juice; on the other hand, some of the sites employ NoFollow attribute. However, don't be deceived by the NoFollow attribute feature; search engines are looking further than the incoming links that have their source from social bookmarking sites to measure what they have to their search indexes. The compilation of external metadata through descriptions, titles, tags and categorization generated from users is unbelievably treasured by search engines, just the same way as anchored backlinks, and content describing a website which users of such site has defined. These users are usually not connected with the coding or marketing of such websites but the descriptive content left by them can be very powerful in measuring the significance as well as relevance of the tags and contents that the site owner has used.

Bookmarks reflect how a website is seen, and also when such site permits voting. In addition, they show the engines or any categorization system that tracks voting, the perceptions of users about the website. Again, a website can be introduced to the search engines by social bookmarking; instances are when people probably found and bookmarked a site or its internal pages prior to the discovery of those pages by a search engine through a different form of inbound link.

There are quite a number of social bookmarking services that can aid search engines in several ways; examples of such bookmarking sites are, Ma.gnolia and StumbleUpon. Different ways in which these social bookmarking monitoring services can help search engines include:

Faster Indexing of Sites

People bookmark websites that their colleagues or acquaintances launched prior to the finding of the site by a search engine bot.

Gauging Quality

Necessarily, a website's quality and relevance increases when more users bookmark its pages. A website that has several bookmarks across wide range of bookmarking services by several users is seen as an authority site when compared with a site that has many bookmarks but by the same user.

In-depth Indexing

A good number of bookmarked pages are deep into sites, and are not always linked-to easily by others, they are usually seen through non-existing or bad site navigation; or it could be that they are linked to from other pages.

External Meta Data

Those who bookmark websites use descriptions and keywords to tag them, this in turn adds a true and unbiased definition created by others rather than the site owner.

Amount of Votes

Just like the number of bookmarks, the information on website page has more value placed on it when it receives more votes on social bookmarking services site such as Reddut or Digg. In a scenario where the same web page receives several votes from several social news voting sites, that site attains better quality.

By: Jeff Matthews