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The Brilliant Features Of Clarion Nx500 Navigation System Will Really Impress You

If you have a car that was made within 2 years ago, then it has a great chance of having an in dash navigation unit already built-in. If you're like the rest 90% of individuals in the USA, and you're driving a second hand car, then possibilities are your car doesn't have a navigation system built-in.

Fortunately, buying and installing a navigation system is both economical and simple. For this event, we will be going over the Clarion NX500, a mid-range navigation system that offers a low price while providing a lot of features that are bound to wow.


The Clarion NX500 has numerous features that come standard on nearly all in dash navigation systems, apart from features that make it really unique and stand out from the "crowd." In the list here you can find many of the features that make this product one of the best:

- Built in navigation - Undoubtedly this is the key feature of the system, and it does a lot more than your normal GPS. It has more than 12 million landmarks, such as gas stations, national parks and cafes. Also includes voice activated navigation and turn by turn instructions.

- Bluetooth - using a built-in Bluetooth adapter, you can talk on your mobile phone while keeping both hands on the steering wheel, making sure you and your family remain safe.

- iPod and iPhone connection - Now you can synchronize up all of your songs and videos onto the Clarion NX500 and enjoy your songs while on the move. Works with all new iPod and iPhone versions.

- HD Radio and iTunes tagging - With outstanding radio clarity and definition, you can listen to music in a new way. If you listen to a song on the radio that you love, you can promptly tag it on the built-in iTunes software and download it afterwards.

- Rear vision facility - You can install a camera on the rear of your car and stream it directly through the system, facilitating safer driving and less mishaps.

Price and Availability

The Clarion NX500 is available in at an extremely reasonable price for an in dash navigation system, in comparison to what it is capable of. Amazon presently has a sale that takes over 40% off the regular price, dropping the price to an extremely low $589.95, that means you save more than four hundred and ten dollars. Be sure you order yours soon, because there are only a certain amount left and the demand is very high for this model.