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The Exqusite Beauty Of Gemstone Bracelets

Jewelry is always a great gift, no matter how big or how small. When you take the time to select a precious item, you want it to make the statement that it was purchased for someone special. When a person opens the gift, they can see the beauty of the present and feel the love or friendship from the giver. Gemstone bracelets are especially unique and thoughtful with their exceptionally individual relationship between the stones and the wearers of the bracelets. There is a birthstone for every month of the year which makes gemstone bracelets perfect for all occasions.

Gemstone bracelets are exquisite when bathed in their personal luster, shine and natural true coloring. A gemstone bracelet is particularly beautiful when arranged with stones that represent all the important people in someone's life. Whether a bracelet is created from one gemstone or from a rainbow of stones, the explosion of colors will delight and amaze the wearer with every turn of the wrist and shift in the reflective lighting.

The sheer elegance and breath taking awe of April's diamond birthstone makes it an ideal selection as a central stone for a gemstone bracelet even if there aren't any April birthdays to celebrate. Lucky is the person born in March. The icy blue color of the aquamarine gemstone is captivating in its frozen simplicity and charm. The deep dark liquid green of May's emerald birthstones make them truly exotic in their appearance. The hypnotic lustrous red quality of July's ruby birthstones are self evident in their fiery appeal. By contrast, January's warm hued orange red birthstone, the garnet, is believed to represent trust and friendship. What a magnificent gesture to gift very special friends with garnet gemstone bracelets.

September's sapphire can range in various colors from violet to green, with the most recognizable colors being all the shades of blue. The vivid dark smoky blue sapphire is an amazing gemstone to behold and extremely difficult to copy in its natural rich tones. December's birthstone, Tanzanite, may have started life as a sapphire wannabe, but over time has grown into its own valuable brilliant blue purple beauty that sparkles and twinkles when part of gemstone bracelets.

The regal status of February's amethyst birthstone cannot be ignored. The violet red quartz gemstones are cool, intriguing and royal in their various luxurious hues. Another regal birthstone is November's Imperial topaz, a gemstone prized by Russian royalty during the 19th century. The topaz's orange brown glow is majestic and alive with warmth that shines throughout the stones.

June's birthstone, the pearl, is the only gem that comes from a living creature rather than a cold hard stone or mineral. The pearl's smooth luster and sedate beauty has enhanced jewelry pieces for centuries and makes the pearl a perfect addition for gemstone bracelets. The bubbling fire within the August birthstone peridot must give its allegiance to the volcanoes that gave it life. From a mellow yellow, bright lime and olive green to brown in color, peridots cast a sparkle sure to charm every wearer.

October's tourmaline birthstones have the rare capacities to glow with either a single, double or triple shade of colors from white, pink, green and amber. The vast color range of the gemstones ensures there is at least one color of tourmaline for everyone's wearing enjoyment.