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The Inspector Morse Novels

Invented by Colin Dexter, Inspector Morse has been the hero of a number of novels and even more episodes of the famously successful TV-series.

1975 “ Last Bus to Woodstock

Two young women decide to hitchhike instead of waiting for the bus to Woodstock. Later, one of them is found raped and murdered in a car. Morse uses his knowledge about cars to find his suspect.

1976 “ Last Seen Waiting

A man who went to Oxford to apply for a job as a school principal waits for the bus home. He meets a girl who seduces him. Later on it comes to light that the girl is a student at said school, and one year later, she suddenly goes missing.

1977 “ The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn

The story deals with the staff of the Oxford Foreign Examinations Syndicate. A new member of staff is to be appointed, and the committee disagrees about who to hire. Nicholas Quinn, who gets the job is promptly find murdered a short time later.

1979 “ Service of All the Dead

A churchwarden is brutally killed. The police have all but given up, and Morse is on his way to a nice vacation in Greece “ but of course cannot resist the temptation of a complicated case.

1981 “ The Dead of Jericho

At a party at Oxford, Morse makes the acquaintance of a young woman. Shortly afterward, she is found murdered, and Morse takes over the case.

1983 “ The Riddle of the Third Mile

An Oxford dean goes missing, and a few days later, pieces of his bodies are fished out of the river. Morse follows his trail through seedy bars and bordellos.

1986 “ The Secret of Annexe 3

It's New Year's Eve at a fancy hotel. The morning after, one guest is found murdered. In old thriller tradition, Morse has to interview the guests one by one.

1989 “ The Wench is Dead

Morse is lying in the hospital, being bored. He receives a gift “ a book about the murder of a young woman in the 1850s. Morse becomes convinced that the wrong men were convicted and killed for the crime and, of course, sets out to find the murderers himself.

1991 “ The Jewel That Was Ours

At a hotel, an American tourist is murdered. She owned a precious antique piece of jewelry, which has disappeared. Morse investigates ad soon finds another body he thinks is connected to his case.

1992 “ The Way Through the Woods