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The Rise Of Funny Cat Pictures

People like to laugh, and to give their friends and family reason to laugh as well. One of the best uses of the internet beyond its informational and communication capabilities is giving a platform for people to create and share many ways of making themselves and those around them ways to laugh.

The Rise

If you have wandered around the internet to any extent you have probably encountered funny cat pictures. They started with just a few people capturing amusing or unexpected images of their pet cats and sharing them with friends and family through emails. These emails were so well received that they were shared further and further until they became chain letters. Soon other people were looking for opportunity to take funny cat pictures and send them around. Beyond just emails, entire websites featuring photo galleries filled with these pictures started opening. People could now go to one place and see hundreds of pictures of cats in any number of funny situations. These pictures were put on shirts, mugs, posters and in books. An entire world of cult-like following cropped up as funny cat pictures became one of the most popular things searched for using internet search engines.

Kinds of Funny Cat Pictures

What is funny really ranges from person to person. While some people find animals that are dressed up or posed creepy, others find them whimsical and cute. Unposed, candid shots of cats in humorous positions or situations remain among the most loved of funny cat pictures. If you are looking for a little glimmer of lighthearted humor during your day, it is easy to find a type of funny cat picture that will make you smile. The websites that were created in honor of these feisty felines generally offer subsections that allow you to choose the category of funny cat pictures that are most appealing to you. You may really like cats that have been put in costumes or given props so that they can "act out" phrases or familar situations, or perhaps you would rather look through pictures of cats that have put themselves in endearing positions. Either way, there are plenty of funny cat pictures available to give you a second of comedy during any difficult day.

The Importance of Funny Cat Pictures Captions

Some of the images offered on funny cat websites are not all that funny on their own. What makes these images so amusing is the choice of words that the photographer, or website owner, attaches to the image. For instance, you may not find a picture of a cat standing on its back paws, batting at some unseen toy particularly funny, but if you add the caption "Highfive!", it suddenly takes on a new level of humor. Giving funny cat pictures good captions is essential to the effectiveness of the picture.