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Tips on How to Start a Restaurant   by Amy Nutt

in Business    (submitted 2009-09-14)

Starting a restaurant is not just an exciting and rewarding experience, but also a time consuming and demanding task. Opening a restaurant involves having a unique vision and working within your financial means.

The following is a list of helpful tips on how to start a restaurant:

Create a Unique Restaurant Concept: The restaurant business is highly competitive so make sure your restaurant is different from the other restaurants in the area. For instance, it may not be a good idea to open a Chinese restaurant in an area that is populated by other Chinese restaurants. It is important to do your research about what type of people frequent the area. For instance, a family orientated area may not be a good area for a high price restaurant.

Enlist Consultants: Get some feedback from other restaurant owners. They will be able to offer advice and have support contacts. Professional consultants will help with any management and financial issues that may arise. Hire an architect to design the layout of your restaurant. Have a fairly accurate idea of how you want the restaurant to appear and operate. Hire a licensed contractor to do the remodeling and renovation.

Business Plan: It is important to have a professional business plan that is detailed and shows how you will become profitable. You can enlist the services of a small business assistance organization. They will help you with budgeting and how to acquire funding.

You have to consider such as expenses as: insurance, equipment, lease payments, utilities, payroll, permits, renovation, supplies-etc.

Type of Restaurant: Consider such restaurant features as the size, number of seating, size of kitchen, bathrooms-etc. You also have to consider whether you will offer counter service or even a drive-thru service. Remember you will have to secure zoning permits, health permits, and other building permits before you open. Health regulations and requirements are determined by provincial governments, municipalities and regional health authorities. You will also have to submit a number of forms for approval from various governmental agencies. An established restaurant zoned area will significantly reduce time and stress.

Assess Restaurant Features: Before you purchase or lease the restaurant, do a walk- through with a building inspector to asses such features as wiring, plumbing, and whether the restaurant meets disability access guidelines. You should find out what renovations and upgrades will be needed. This should be included in your budget. Restaurants need to have a good roadside view and an abundance of parking space.

Alcohol Beverages: Determine if you will serve any alcohol and what type such as wine, hard liquor, and beer. You will have to secure a liquor license.

Menu: Design and create a menu that customers will love. This will encourage repeat customers.

Starting a restaurant is a rewarding experience when you have a plan. Having a step-by-step plan will make the experience much easier. Remember, your restaurant will have a greater chance of success if you love the concept and are happy with all of your decisions.