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Try Catering Software in Your Catering Business   by Thomas Wilford

in Food / Cooking Tips    (submitted 2009-03-12)

Owning and maintaining a flourishing catering business is hard work, but offers many rewards to the resilient entrepreneur who makes it happen. Although the meals and events are usually mastered successfully by these entrepreneurs, time management remains one of the most difficult things to control in the catering. This is why so many successful caterers are turning to catering event software. This software helps even the busiest caterer gain control over his or her tasks and upcoming events by providing scheduling capabilities, event reminders, shopping lists, and more. That way you won't miss a beat in your business with the latest catering software at your fingertips.

Have you ever bought too much or too little for an event? Or maybe bought an item you didn't realize you already had in stock? If you have, you're not alone. Many caterers find that it's almost impossible to keep entirely on top of their inventory at any given moment. With catering software, however, you won't have to waste any more time with inventory counts and mistakes. Updated inventory lists can actually be automatically generated whenever you need them. That's right; your inventory will actually be updated automatically according to the recipes you choose and create for a new event. For example, if two recipes for an event each call for four pounds of mozzarella cheese, eight pounds will be deducted from what you have left in stock, so you'll know how much you have left. And if you only have six pounds of cheese in stock, two pounds will be added to your shopping list and your inventory will show that you have none left.

Planning a menu can also be a tedious and time-consuming task for any caterer. Catering software, however, helps you complete an ordinarily difficult task in a matter of minutes. You can keep all of your customer's favorite recipes in one program listed in easy-to-find category formats. If, for example, you have a customer who isn't sure what food she wants at an event, but is set on an Asian theme, you can quickly choose from Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese recipes you've stored in the program. And once again, your shopping list will generate automatically according to what you already have in stock, and your inventory list will show the changes instantly.

Although you've undoubtedly got preparation, cooking, and serving down, many caterers struggle with billing management and sales reports. With catering software, that struggle could come to an end. The program will keep track of how much events cost according to the items used and food prepared, so you'll be able to give your customer an accurate and up-to-date estimate on the overall price. The software can also keep track of how much you spend on staffing for each event, so you'll always be prepared with your employees' payroll. Catering software can also generate your customer invoices according to event while keeping track of all your other billing needs, including receipts and sales data.