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Urdu- Innovative Literature Builds Progressive Nation

World is full of languages which are responsible for providing abstract medium of communication for its users. Languages are considered Light of mind and expression of thoughts. Language not only depicts the values, culture and demographics but also elaborate the national ideology, creativity and national vision.

Every language goes trough different transitional stages for vocabulary addition and accent development. Cultural shifts and different behavioral transformation leads to evolution of languages.

Language is knowledge and today in this world Knowledge is source of competitiveness and progress. Developed nations are always recognized from their creative and innovative literature.


is official language for Pakistan and many parts in India. Urdu is ranked fourth among the widely spoken languages in the world. Since the evolution of the language Urdu is consistently fighting with the challenges to preserve its essence and beauty of vocabulary. Urdu has played a vital role in the subcontinent for unity of people to fight for freedom and justice. Despite its efforts for freedom fighting, influential personalities have always suppressed Urdu for their political gains. Further, Urdu Hindi controversies in the subcontinent had also been hurdle in the way of Urdu progression.

Creative Urdu fraternities have put up their consistent efforts to elaborate the beauty of language at the national and the international platforms. Urdu literature is famous for its versatility and unique style of Expression.

Following are the dimensions of Urdu Literature:

Prose and Poetry


Stories/ Afsanas



Urdu Drama

Urdu literature is full of colors its poetry has always been dominating in the whole literature. However, later innovation in the prose and Urdu dramas also added value in to wider Urdu expression and versatility.

In Pakistan Urdu literature is slowly declining its popularity among the users. Reasons for this trend stretched out with the reluctance of people to read and consult Literature for their knowledge and information. Due to westernization people focus more on studying English literature to deal with acquisitive need and inadequacy complex.

It is evident from the history that those nations that consult their Literature for knowledge and information always grow and prosper.


literature has great strength to drive our nation to progress and innovation. We can gain following benefits:

- Literature can bring back national Unity and harmony