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Uses For Senior Pictures

There are actually many uses for senior pictures Portland, giving you even more for your money. Here are some of the most popular.

Arguably the number one reason for scheduling a portrait session for senior pictures Portland is to get a great looking photo for the yearbook. Most high schools give seniors the privilege of submitting their own yearbook photo instead of simply using the same boring head shot that also appears on their student ID. This allows seniors to use a photograph that truly reflects their own unique personality and preserve that memory for their friends and classmates.

More and more colleges are requesting photographs with college applications. Including a professional senior portrait shows that you are serious about attending the university, yet gives a glimpse of your personality beyond your academic career. In some cases, it may even compliment your entrance essay.

Another popular use for senior pictures is customizing graduation announcements using a portrait from your senior pictures Portland studio session. Even if you prefer a traditional announcement, friends and family will appreciate receiving a wallet sized picture inserted in the announcement. Similarly, you can use senior pictures to customize and personalize thank you cards for graduation gifts.

Many parents like to order large prints of senior portraits to display at home. It is usually the last formal photograph taken of their children until their wedding. And with children leaving home for college, it is a fond reminder of all the happy times spent at home. Some people even like to create a montage of photographs, with the senior picture matted in the middle and smaller photographs from each year surrounding it.

Many companies that take senior pictures Portland also include a CD with digital images in your portrait package. These images can be used for profile pictures on social media websites or to update a blog, allowing you to immediately share your complete photo session with friends and family.

These are just a few of the many uses for senior pictures. To ensure that you get quality photographs, take the time choose your clothing choices wisely. For instance, solid colors and long sleeves tend to photograph better than prints and short sleeves in most cases. You will also want to try a variety of different poses and backgrounds to see which one looks the most natural and best reflects your personality.