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Where Can I Get Free Continuing Education for Nurses - Education - Continuing Education

Where Can I Get Free Continuing Education for Nurses?   by Gust A. Lenglet

in Education / Continuing Education    (submitted 2009-11-20)

It used to be the case that one simply went through college or a university to get their degree and then never attend the classroom setting again. Times have changed, however, as constantly evolving technologies and techniques have prompted many professions and employers to look for education beyond the initial degree years. One of those professions is nursing and most, if not all, state agencies look for evidence of continuing education as a requirement for re-licensing. Continuously attending these courses can become very pricy. Although, with a bit of prudence and searching, it is possible to get free continuing education for nurses.

The first place to look for these continuing education courses is a nurses association. Some credentialing associations, although certainly not all, may offer the ability to take some online courses for members. It's also worth noting that oftentimes, even if you don't get free courses, being a member of a nursing association will drastically reduce the cost of taking the course. Naturally, this will save you in the long run. As well, you may wish to check with a local hospital as some hospitals will offer hands-on training programs that may count for credit hours. Honestly though, if you really want free continuing education for nurses, chances are you're going to have to look in a different location.

So how does one find free courses? Well, as cliché as it sounds, Google is a great place to start. Searching "free ceus for nurses" returns a great deal of sites that give free CEUs (continuing education units). As with anything you find on the internet, it's very important to check and double-check that the site from which you're taking the courses is credentialed by an association that your state accepts. If you don't absolutely verify this (it may even be worth contacting the association they claim they're affiliated with), you may find that you waste a lot of time and aggravation for absolutely nothing.

Once again, if you're willing to go slightly up from free, it's worth noting that many sites offer a subscription program that will let you take as many CEUs as you want for a $30/year subscription. Not bad considering one course alone can run you for $100 or so from other locations. It might not be free continuing education for nurses, but it's pretty darn close.

All in all, it is possible to find free continuing education for nurses, but it may be tricky to do so. Start by checking in with a relevant nursing association and if they have nothing that suits your desire, turn to other web sites. As with anything, ensure that any site you use is credentialed by some body that your state accepts. Not only is continuing education beneficial for your career, but it's also a necessary requirement by virtually all states. Thus, there's really no reason to put off taking courses any longer!